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Sveva Clavarino, Founder of The Wellness Reporter & Sveva’s Home Tableware, On Holistic Health


Feeling overwhelmed with the world today? The Wellness Reporter presents an impressive collection of portfolios with tips and resources towards a healthy lifestyle from the body to the mind. Its founder, Sveva Clavarino, is a Health Integrative Nutrition Coach and travel enthusiast passionate about detox retreats and wellness experiences. Through her ventures in Europe, Clavarino discovers her desire to share her stories and insights to help others struggling with mental and physical health around the world. This marked the beginning of the acclaimed The Wellness Reporter.

During her travels, Clavarino also collects local homeware souvenirs, inspiring the creation of Sveva’s Home. Her collection offers 100% hand-painted ceramic products from Italy, each piece unique and a testament to her admiration of homeware craftsmanship. Vibrant, and playful with joyful colours blended to perfection, all tableware is customisable to fit all households. Explore Sveva's mind and body detox experiences and acquire her Made in Italy tableware on her platform. Here, Sveva Clavarino shares with us the stories of her wellness journey from before The Wellness Reporter to her recent launch of Sveva's Home's newest collection.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into wellness? What was your first experience with wellness retreats like?

My name is Sveva Clavarino, I was born and raised in Italy between Milan and Rome and I left my hometown at the age of 18 years old to go study in the United Kingdom in London, Business Management at Queen Mary University. 

London, being a very hectic and metropolitan city has led me very rapidly into the wellness world, by engaging in weekly yoga and meditation classes, exploring healthy cafés and restaurants, where I had my first ever avocado toasts, poke bowls, Açai bowls, roasted sweet potatoes and much more! All of these foods, may sound very familiar now, but back in the days (almost 10 years ago), they were not this popular and they were not available in Italy (where I grew up). 

Since the freneticism of the city, was always a lot for me, I developed in England a daily self-care routine which allowed me to unwind after very busy days and re-charge for the upcoming days to come. I did so by engaging in wellness workshops all over the city, trying Ayurvedic massages and doing activities that would fulfill my mind and soul such as: visiting beautiful exhibitions, walking in the stunning English parks while listening to my podcasts, I spent hours in London’s most beautiful and historical libraries, reading all sort of self-help books and enriching my mind. 

My first experience with wellness retreats was amazing!

Everything suddenly made sense to me, and I instantly felt safe and exactly where I was meant to be. 

I wanted to continue this journey in my life and bring to all of the people I loved the most, this healing and grounding experience to them. As a result, The Wellness Reporter Retreats were born.  

2. What inspired you to launch The Wellness Reporter?

The pandemic of COVID19 just happened and I had a gut feeling that this situation would have lasted much longer than expected. I knew I had to use my time wisely to make the best out of it and to make sure that my mental health would have stayed positive and stable. 

At the time, I had left my job in the fashion industry as a strategist and account manager, and I was looking for an interesting position elsewhere. I knew the fashion world was not where I truly belonged and so, I started thinking of what I could have developed and worked on, to make sure that every day I was truly loving what I was doing. 

I immediately thought about the wellness world: the world’s most beautiful spas, re-charging holistic hotels worldwide, and thought about how I would have loved to contribute to making the world a better place, decreasing depression rates and enriching people lives from a mental and physical point of view. 

I believe, life is about determination, imagination, creativity, endurance but also about timing… and the pandemic made me realise that there was no better timing than starting my platform where I instantly offered to my community a variety of different services such as our: daily wellness articles, a highly- curated selection of wellness oriented products varying from: natural skincare, sustainable activewear, personal training session, gut health coaching, medical wellness consultation support… We then added after two years the travel concierge department in the company… and here we are! Growing every day more and more, operating worldwide having as our current biggest market the: United States, United Kingdom, Italy and the Emirates. 

"I wanted to continue this journey in my life and bring to all of the people I loved the most, this healing and grounding experience to them. As a result, The Wellness Reporter Retreats were born."

- Sveva Clavarino, Founder of The Wellness Reporter

3. You’re also behind Sveva’s Home decor. How did you get into homeware?

I am! I am the founder and creative director. Homeware has always been my biggest passion! I love interiors and beautiful homes and most of all, I am obsessed with tableware. 

Since I was very young, I have always loved to help my mum and my grandparents specifically during Christmas time in Rome, to set up the most festive and beautiful tables, to make evening memorable and unique for all of our guests, but most importantly for my family! 

And that’s how Sveva’s Home came to life! I wanted to give to my community a chance to dine in Colour, bringing warmth and happiness to their tables all year round! I did so by creating simple, yet sophisticated and unique plates that vary in different collections such as: Palm trees, funny dining quotes, stripped plates, colorful bowls and platters… and more! 

4. What do you love about what you do?

Everything! I love the fact that I work for my two businesses which I both love dearly. 

Wellness was always my passion since school. I always loved to find alternative ways to unwind my mind and body and relax my soul when times would get hectic. Whenever I am having a tricky time, this is how I refuel: I take time off for myself and dive into Chinese or alternative medicine: acupuncture, massages, sound healing, Forest bathing! 

Homeware on the side, was also what I always loved and wanted to do eventually later on in my life. I did not plan at all launching Sveva’s Home, but it all happened naturally, and the response from our clients, was the best I could have dreamed of! 

It is a lot of hard work, but the satisfaction pays it all off! 

5. What are your top 5 wellness tips for beginners?

“Wellness starts in the brain rather than in the belly”. You can be the healthiest and most sportive person on the planet, but if you are not taking care of your mind and spirit making sure that they are aligned with your body and soul, you will never truly be healthy. 

  1. Start small. Change and results take time. Trust the process, by being patient and you will see what the future has got to offer you!

  2. No matter how difficult life can get, you will end up where you are meant to be. So make sure that you keep on reaching your goals by manifesting them daily! 

  3. Manifest. You can literally manifest your dream life and, I will promise you, it will come true! There is only one critical condition: you MUST believe in it. If you don’t believe in your own self and in your own potential how else will? Have faith, and all will fall into place! 

  4. Commit in wellness activities with your loved ones and best friends, as this will keep you committed to fulfilling your goals and make your every day activities more fun! 

  5. Travel the world and try new activities and adventures everywhere you go! The brain needs to be constantly trained to stay positive, so feed it with new information and experiences all the time! 

6. What’s something everyone needs in their home?

Plates to dine! So enjoy browsing through our 100% hand-made and hand-painted all in Italy ceramic tableware line! 

We also have an exclusive bamboo, rattan, cutlery and linen collection that can be purchased directly by contacting us on our email address! 

We are working on more and more tableware and Homeware products which will be available soon on our platform The Wellness Reporter, to enrich everyone’s dining experience and therefore, mood! 

7. What’s next for you?

A lot of new challenging yet exciting projects that I wish I could share with you now but I sadly cannot! 

TWR has grown so fast in the last three years, and being able to see it expand more and more fills my heart with joy. We are planning to do collaborations with other well-established brands in the wellness field and continue to offer exclusive luxury wellness retreats worldwide. We have also expanded our tailor-made travel concierge services and will continue to partner with medical experts, to provide to our clients mental and physical support both online and offline, thanks to our consultation plans.

Sveva's Home Ceramic on the other hand, is now live on: Artemest, one of the world leading digital interior design platforms, Over The Moon, the best bridal digital platform in the United States, The Go To, the leading gifting platform in the UK and of course on our wellness platform, The Wellness Reporter. We sell in diverse stores in the United Kingdom, Emirates and United States and are looking to expand more and more all over the world. 

We have some exclusive capsule collections with emergent designers upcoming in 2024 and, a one-of a kind project that will be live in Spring 2024 for the Salone del mobile design fair in Milan! 

We are so excited about all of the things that will be taking place and cannot wait to share more details with you as soon as the news are officially out!


All imagery is provided by Sveva Clavarino.


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