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Are Studio Flats to Rent in London Expensive?


Since time immemorial,  European cities have been recognised for their rich history and vibrant urban life. London stands out due to it being a global financial hub, a world-class center for arts and entertainment, its language and cultural diversity, and of course, its evergreen royal presence.

Navigating the Rental Market of London

London, with its many perks, has a very volatile rental market. The cost of rent is determined by several factors which have provided a wide spectrum for individuals looking to make a decision when moving. 

Being one of the most expensive cities to live in, the rental market of London can be fierce. However, cheaper options have been made available for individuals looking for more budget-friendly options as regards rent. This is where studio flats come in. Studio flats provide some of the cheapest rental options in a city where luxury is common practice. 


Studio Flats: Full Value, Limited Space; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The cost of rent is higher than ever before and with this, many young people in the UK have opted to stay longer with their parents before moving out. Houses are expensive but being an essential need, more budget-friendly options have been made available.

Studio flats are single-room apartments embedded with the most important things needed to thrive. A typical studio apartment contains a small room with limited storage spaces, a kitchen or kitchenette, and a separate bathroom. Studio flats have become quite common and thanks to modernity and minimization, they have been made more portable, a bit more spacious, and more enticing.

Studio flats are smaller than one-bedroom apartments and because of their small size, they are the cheapest of apartment options in the global rental market. While they may not offer the most satisfying living conditions, they are very suitable for urban living, energy-efficient, cost-effective, require low maintenance, and are smart financial choices.

Max Rahubovskyi,

Factors Affecting the Cost of Studio Flats

There is no general price for renting a studio flat. This is because the price of renting studio flats, just like other apartments, is heavily dependent on a variety of factors like location and the presence of amenities. 


The location of a studio apartment can greatly affect its price. Just like other cities, London entails both luxurious/opulent neighbourhoods and locales known to offer a more regular, bashful, yet highly comfortable living environment. For this reason, studio flats in areas like Chelsea and Camden are relatively cheaper than studio flats in areas like Sutton and Croydon. 

Also, studio flats with close proximity to places like the city, tubes, parks, prominent landscapes, and vibrant nightlife are bound to be more expensive than studio flats where these places and services are non-existent or difficult to reach.

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The bigger the studio flat, the more expensive it is. Although studio flats are characterised by their minimal sizes, many of them come with a spacious living area. While many studio flats are made to reduce the financial burden of exorbitant rent prices, it is important to know that there are several studio flats around London made for individuals who lucidly prefer fewer rooms and as such, are made without considering budget.  Big studio apartments can cost as high as £5,000 monthly to rent in areas like Kensington and Chelsea while smaller studio apartments in Sutton and Havering can go as low as £900 monthly rent. 

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The presence of amenities promotes an enhanced living standard. For example, studio flats equipped with parking facilities, office and smart home features will require more cost than flats without these amenities and can go as high as £3000 monthly rent. Amenities like gas, water, electricity, fast internet, air conditioning, and central heating, will surely affect rental cost. Improved living standards derived from the use of these amenities, as well as maintenance costs, will be added to the rent which is meant to be higher. 

The rental costs for studio apartments in London can also be affected by factors like building reputation, noise levels, neighborhood safety, and corporate housing demand. 


Price of Studio Flats in London

From Rentola, a rental property platform with expertise in helping people ease up their house-hunting process, the cost of rent for studio flats as of January 2024 stood between €1,750 and £5,550 per month depending on the location, size, and the presence of amenities. 

Opulent areas in London like Chelsea and its environs typically have rental costs exceeding €2,500 and many of them going further beyond €5,000. More regular places like Bexley and Sutton can get studio flat rental prices as low as €700. On the Rentola platform, there are various options for studios to rent in London at the best prices. Kensington and Chelsea rank as one of the most expensive areas for rentals, with average rents being significantly costlier than regular areas. 


Ensuring Optimal House-Hunting Process

About 70,000 people change houses in England with London accounting for more than 5,000 of this number. This has raised the competitiveness of the city and for this reason, several platforms have been made to ensure a seamless house-hunting process for those wishing to move. This is why staying up to date is paramount and why platforms like Rentola are working seamlessly to ensure prompt communication of rental updates. 

It is estimated that the price of properties will stay up and will continue that unhurried progression. Not only do studio flats help save money, but they also protect individuals from the fierce atmosphere of London’s rental market while offering them good value in a city where getting affordable housing is a big challenge. 


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