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Beachside Barbecue Cuisine at Repulse Bay’s Limewood

Perched on the beachfront location of Repulse Bay, Limewood specialises in barbecue-style cuisine and refreshing cocktails in a fresh air environment. Retreat for a moment away from the city hustle at this relaxed seaside restaurant, whether you’re heading for post-beach snacks and drinks or for a decadent meat and seafood meal. We visited the breezy property for an indulgent menu of signature ribs, Mexican-infused appetisers and sweet Valentine’s Day specials.

City Escape

Hong Kong’s Central and Kowloon offer an abundance of cuisine and fine dining, but sometimes heading to the peaceful beachside districts can bring a delightful surprise and change from the downtown crowds. Located in the picturesque Repulse Bay, Limewood is a breath of fresh air for beachgoers and happy hour enthusiasts alike. The restaurant is upscale, coinciding with Maximal Concept’s quality reputation, with the menu curated by the group’s Culinary Director Malcolm Wood.

Open-Air Dining

Limewood is split into two sections at The Pulse, both offering open-air dining and drinking with a beachfront window seating area. We sat in a booth facing the beach, for a cosy, intimate restaurant experience. Listen to the gentle sounds of waves crashing and the occasional children’s laughter at the family-oriented area of Hong Kong.

Mexican Meets Barbecue Dining

The menu is quite telling of the location, offering a selection of beachside cuisine, from barbecue meats to seafood platters. Expect island-inspired meals including saucy jerk chicken and succulent fish tacos—each meal is inspired by a fusion of Southeast Asian, Hawaiian, South American and Caribbean cuisine.

We tried two appetisers—the pulled chicken tacos and the tortilla chips with homemade guacamole for a taste of Mexican-inspired starters.

For our main course, we shared the signature 24-hour slow-cooked beef ribs, a juicy and tender plate of deliciously-cooked meat. I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it as a sharing meal—we just about finished it for two people.

Valentine’s Day Specials

The restaurant is promoting two specials for Valentine’s Day, between February 14th and 16th 2020. The V-day cocktail, Love Elixir ($100HKD) is a fruity mixture of Tried & True vodka, lime, pomegranate, saffron, sparkling rosé, passionfruit and Lillet Espuma. This was delightfully sweet—naturally—and dressed in pink and red for a romantic touch.

Accentuating its Mexican-inspired cuisine, the Churro Sundae special is shaped in a loving heart shape to share with your other half. The dessert includes Crema Americana ice cream, toasted Italian meringue, berry compote, churros and sprinkles. We ate this at the window bar facing the beach for a tasty treat to finish the meal.


Limewood is an ideal escape from the city, offering beautiful beachside dining and cocktails for a sunny weekend respite. Spend the day at the beach and take a dip in the sand, or go for a romantic post-meal walk along the water for an “out-of-HK” experience. The culinary team’s unique blend of Island-inspired cuisines gives the menu a distinct selection of tasty barbecue-style meals for sharing—great company with a signature margarita to feel like you’re off on a retreat in Hawaii.

Love Elixir $100

Tried & True Vodka / Lime / Pomegranate / Saffron / Sparkling Rosé / Passionfruit / Lillet Espuma

Churro Sundae $120

Crema Americana Ice Cream, Toasted Italian Meringue, Berry Compote, Heart-shaped Churro, Sprinkles

More info: Location: Shop 103 & 104, The Pulse, 28 Beach Rd, Repulse Bay Phone: +852 2866 8668 Email: Insta: @limewoodhk | Facebook: @limewoodhk


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