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Beauty Guru Sapphire Shen Shares Her Top 5 Makeup Tips

Professional makeup artist Sapphire Shen shares with us her top 5 industry tips on how to perfect any beauty look.

1. Not to prime is a crime! Using primer is key to having a long-lasting base makeup look!

Primer is used to prep your skin for makeup, hence the longevity of the base makeup. You can pick the primer according to your skin type. So like people who have oily skin should go for mattifying or oil control primer before foundation, so it can lower the chances of oil/shiny finishing makeup look.

2. Setting spray helps to prevent makeup from smudging, especially with a facial mask on!

Setting spray helps hold our makeup together with different kinds of technologies. My favourite setting spray is always the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray using the temperature control technique to make sure the temperature of my face won't fluctuate and alter the chemical reaction on the makeup products such as oxidation!

3. Loose powder, a.k.a setting powder got this name with a reason. Always set cream base products with powder to lock down the look!

If you don't use loose powder after a cream product it might leave you with a higher risk of smudging your makeup as the liquid products are not being "set" and stabilised with the powder products.

4. Use liquid or cream products for a more long-lasting effect! (Such as cream blush or bronzer)

Liquid products tend to be waterproof and longer-lasting! Don't forget to set them with powder too if they are not cream to powder finishing products!

5. Kiss-proof lipsticks are our best friends during COVID times!

Kiss-proof lipsticks are mostly waterproof and smudge-proof, they stay until you remove them!

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