Clint Nagata on Resort Living in Architecture, As Inspired by His Hawaiian & Japanese Roots

Growing up in Hawaii, Clint Nagata has always been around resort living and architecture. On his first role in the creative industry, Nagata noted that he was drawn in by a newspaper ad 'looking for creatives', leading to the start of his pursuit in the architecture and design world. Fast forward to 2006, the established designer started his own company, BLINK Design Group, which has expanded its presence in Asia with studios in Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore. He shares with us his inspirations for design and what to look forward to in the design industry.

Clint Nagata | Image courtesy of BLINK

How did you get into hospitality architecture and design?

As fate would have it many years ago, before graduating from University in Hawaii I applied to an ad in the newspaper that said, "creative individuals wanted." I was fortunate to have gotten a job at WATG and had the even greater fortune of learning about the hospitality design business under the mentorship of Donald Goo. It was through my years at WATG and the opportunities I had to travel back and forth to Asia that I developed a passion for travel and hospitality design.