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Contemporary Turkish Ocakbasi with The Counter London, Notting Hill


With a deep devotion to the traditional Turkish charcoal barbecue, known as ocakbasi, The Counter London provides a delightful dining experience in the heart of Notting Hill.

Photo: Sam Harris | The Counter London

Every detail, from the interior design to the tableware, reflects impeccable taste, refinement, and artistic flair. The centerpiece of the restaurant is the open kitchen counter, where guests can gather around the inviting fire. This unique setup perfectly captures the essence of ocakbasi, while adding a contemporary twist to traditional recipes from the Southeastern Anatolia Region. The menu showcases a tantalising selection of Turkish dishes and seasonal delights, all expertly prepared on the open-fire charcoal grill. As we settled into this heartwarming space, we embarked on a delightful gastronomic journey that left us truly satisfied.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Cotted cream honey sourdough

(bal&kaymak ekşimaya), dukkah, wild thyme honey, truffle oil

The texture of their sourdough is a perfect balance of crispy and chewy, while the flavour is an exquisite blend of aromatic dukkah, wild thyme honey, and truffle oil. All of these elements are beautifully encapsulated within the soft dough, which also carries a subtle hint of the charcoal grill. The clotted cream adds a refreshing touch and delightful fragrance.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Starters to share:

Chocolate babaganoush aubergine, white chocolate, dukkah, dill oil, rose, evo

Sprinkled in purple rose petals and dukkah, the chocolate babaganoush is as incredible and luxurious as it looks. The gorgeous colours on the plate exhibit its palatable flavour. It is irresistibly velvety and thick from the white chocolate, savoury from the dill oil and smoky from the fire-grilled aubergine slices. When paired with a freshly baked flatbread, this dip sets the tone for the rest of The Counter London’s divine dining experience.

Hot starters to share:

Hummus & medjool dates humus, nuts, Medjool dates, currant, paprika oil

The Counter London’s hummus, an icon of Turkish cuisine, is served with medjool dates, currant and paprika oil. The hummus is creamy and thick, creating a sharp contrast to the aromatic paprika oil. The dates and currant provide a sweet taste and chewiness to this otherwise smooth humus dip.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Main event:

Lentil kibbeh (içli köfte) w./lentil, bulgur dough, tahini cream, isot, mint, chili (veg opt)

The main event of this deletable ocakbasi is a classic Lentil Kibbeh. The bulgur dough is lavishly blended with the tangy lentils that are then seasoned luxuriously and fried to perfection. Served in a rich tahini cream topped off with chili, mint and isot pepper, the staple dish of The Counter London highlights the proficient spice culture in Turkish culinary. It is dense, tangy, and a true flavour bomb with each bite. In adorable filling balls, The Counter London honours this historical flavour from 800 BC.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times

Side dishes:

Thin cut chips (kibrit patates) very fine cut potato fries, tarragon, tomato sauce, yogurt

The thin cut chips is a perfect side to nibble on throughout the dining experience. The tarragon spice makes for a mouth-watering salty bite while the fresh tomato sauce and creamy yogurt lend a harmonious balance.

Photo: Sasha Huang | CSP Times


Sage infused burnt rice pudding (adaçaylı fırın sütlaç) w./hazelnut

Selection of baklava

The Counter London tops off its extensive menu with a sage infused burnt rice pudding and quintessential Turkish delicacy- baklava. The rice pudding is soft and velvety with a flair of sage to balance out its sweetness. The baklava is a selection of pistachio and nutty flavours, an exquisite choice for any sweet tooth.

The Counter London interior imagery is provided by Tonic Communications.

Address: 108 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PS | Website: | Phone: +44 7500 612914 | Email: | Instagram: @thecounterlondon


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