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Esin Güral Argat, Owner of JOALI Maldives, Shares Her Top 5 Tips to Stay Sustainable in the Maldives


JOALI Maldives takes luxury resorts in the Maldives to a whole new level – with a sustainability-driven ethos. We chat with Esin Güral Argat, owner of JOALI Maldives, on her top five tips to stay sustainable on your next trip to the archipelagic state.

JOALI Maldives

1) Be Resource Wise

  • Reduce the amount of food waste created. In JOALI MALDIVES, any food waste created are composted to be used in our organic gardens. Excess compost is donated to local farms.

  • Limit the use of single use plastics and other single use items. Reusing items is better for the environment than recycling. We recycle all of our paper, packaging, glass and metals.

  • Use digital reading materials to reduce the amount of paper waste created. We create recycled paper on the island using waste paper.

  • Reduce energy you use by using natural light during the day instead of lights and switching off TVs, lights and equipment when they are not being used. All of our villas have state of the art automations to reduce energy loss, however guests support can improve energy use further.

  • Opt for the Green Housekeeping initiatives and change your linen and towels only when required. Reducing the number of times linens and towels are washed, reduces water, electricity and laundry detergent used. We use biodegradable, eco-certified laundry detergents for the safety of our Hosts and the environment.

  • Dine sustainably and be conscious of what you eat. Our Slow Food approach and responsible sourcing policies ensures local, seasonal and ethically sourced items are on our menu. Eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, peas and nuts. They’re good for you and they’re also really good for the planet.

JOALI Maldives

2) Become A Reef Saviour

  • Coral planting (MB) – Learn the delicate art of coral gardening.

  • Marine Talk (MB) – Informative sessions regarding our marine life.

  • Complimentary guided snorkelling tour (MB) – a tour of our house reef and coral nurseries.

  • Our young visitors can become Mini Marine Biologists – learn and join activities to save the reefs.

  • Use reef-safe sunscreens. Also, choose a sun lotion or cream instead of sprays and mists – whilst they might be more convenient they are also more damaging to our oceans. You can also wear a t-shirt or rash guard to reduce how much sunscreen you need.

  • Always swim, snorkel and dive with care so that you don’t touch the coral and never remove anything from the sea or the beach. Shells and corals belong in the ocean.

JOALI Maldives

3) Participate In Sustainability Initiatives

  • Sustainability Tour – a 60-minute interactive tour about our sustainability practices and heart of the house tour.

  • Local island visits - regular tree planting activities and other activities with local schools and other institutions.

  • Tree planting – regular tree planting activities at Joali Maldives.

  • Kids Activities – our little visitors have a wide selection of sustainability initiatives that they can join, including recycling art, recycling paper, planting activities, etc.

JOALI Maldives

4) Offset Your Carbon Emissions

  • All of the guests booking directly through our website can offset their carbon emissions for the trip.

  • We work with the local schools in Raa Atoll to set up solar panels in the schools to reduce their carbon emissions and offset the carbon emissions.

  • This initiative not only offsets your carbon emissions but also supports local communities in the Raa atoll.

JOALI Maldives

5) Donate For A Good Cause

  • All of our guests can donate to the Joy of Caring to support initiatives to support the local communities.

  • Guests can donate to Joy of Preserving to support environmental initiatives, Joy of Supporting to support community engagement initiatives and Joy of Empowering to support women empowerment.

All imagery is provided by Joali Maldives.

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