Flow With Me, a One-Stop Yoga & Athleisure Brand By Ji Won Maxted Yoon


Independent yoga wear and athleisure brands have soared through the roof in recent years thanks to the ever-growing wellness market and modern-day love for yoga worldwide. In Hong Kong, the yoga scene has expanded rapidly to cater to consumers' increasing awareness of the importance of fitness and health. Finding the perfect leggings or sports bra to assist your workouts can be a daunting task—but once you've found your magic pairing, it makes all the difference. Plus, it doesn't hurt when it's chic too.

Flow with Me is a family-owned independent platform that does the research for you and features high-quality, high-performance yoga, athleisure wear and accessories through a one-stop online shop. Each carefully chosen product at Flow with Me is enthused by sustainability and influenced by an acute awareness of values and wellbeing. We speak with the founder Ji Won Maxted Yoon on her top recommendations for yogis.