High Society Skin Clinic/Princess Brows' Rebecca Chung Shares Her Hong Kong Beauty Secrets

We speak with Rebecca Chung, founder of High Society Skin Clinic and Princess Brows, well-loved beauty salons in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of High Society Skin Clinic/Princess Brows

Could you tell us how you got into the beauty industry? My career was not always in the beauty industry. I was a musician, and from the age of 15, was a music teacher. I made a pivotal change in my career after having my first baby over 12 years ago and decided to create something for myself within the beauty world. It was an industry that I had always had an interest in. I felt that if I did not pursue my ambition and challenge myself at the age of 30, I never would. I was always inspired by the beauty industry, and was an avid consumer, too! I gravitated towards semi-permanent makeup and decided to learn it as a hobby, but quickly realised that there were a lack of specialists in Hong Kong and decided to create Princess Brows.

I championed permanent makeup in Hong Kong, and developed several of my own application techniques, alongside establishing a tools and pigment company, House of PMU. It was important for me to be vertically integrated as a business as I wanted to ensure that every part of the experience for my clients was up to my standards of quality. Semi-permanent makeup is something that I personally do for my clients at the salon, till today.

Day-to-day, I manage the operations, collaborations and play the guinea pig and try out every product and treatment we have on offer at High Society Skin Clinic. I am always inspired by the latest technology and the transformative benefits it can provide my clientele. I only work with FDA-approved and CE-approved machines and ensure that there is something for everyone available at the salon. In my career, I wear many hats. First and foremost, I’m a semi-permanent makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur.

Image courtesy of Faye Bradley | Cha Siu Papers Times