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High Society Skin Clinic/Princess Brows' Rebecca Chung Shares Her Hong Kong Beauty Secrets

We speak with Rebecca Chung, founder of High Society Skin Clinic and Princess Brows, well-loved beauty salons in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of High Society Skin Clinic/Princess Brows

Could you tell us how you got into the beauty industry? My career was not always in the beauty industry. I was a musician, and from the age of 15, was a music teacher. I made a pivotal change in my career after having my first baby over 12 years ago and decided to create something for myself within the beauty world. It was an industry that I had always had an interest in. I felt that if I did not pursue my ambition and challenge myself at the age of 30, I never would. I was always inspired by the beauty industry, and was an avid consumer, too! I gravitated towards semi-permanent makeup and decided to learn it as a hobby, but quickly realised that there were a lack of specialists in Hong Kong and decided to create Princess Brows.

I championed permanent makeup in Hong Kong, and developed several of my own application techniques, alongside establishing a tools and pigment company, House of PMU. It was important for me to be vertically integrated as a business as I wanted to ensure that every part of the experience for my clients was up to my standards of quality. Semi-permanent makeup is something that I personally do for my clients at the salon, till today.

Day-to-day, I manage the operations, collaborations and play the guinea pig and try out every product and treatment we have on offer at High Society Skin Clinic. I am always inspired by the latest technology and the transformative benefits it can provide my clientele. I only work with FDA-approved and CE-approved machines and ensure that there is something for everyone available at the salon. In my career, I wear many hats. First and foremost, I’m a semi-permanent makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur.

Image courtesy of Faye Bradley | Cha Siu Papers Times

As of March, we officially launched our MOKO branch of High Society Skin Clinic, which is our second location after our Central salon. We are so excited to be at this location, and have worked very hard to create a space and experience like no other! Our services and treatments on offer are always expanding as I am always on the lookout for the best, latest machines.

What are your top 5 beauty products to carry everywhere? I am a firm believer in the no-makeup makeup look and strive to always achieve a natural complexion from the outside in and the inside out. Therefore, I have semi-permanent makeup, which saves me a great deal of time, as well as doing regular treatments to upkeep and am diligent about my supplement intake. Therefore, my top 5 includes both products and treatments:

  1. Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoo: I have tattooed my eyebrows, lips and under eyes, and every few years, I do touch-ups to maintain the natural look.

  2. EmSculpt NEO: We are one of the few salons in Hong Kong to offer EmSculpt NEO, which is a supercharged version of its predecessor, EmSculpt. It is the first and only non-invasive procedure that emits both radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a 30-minute session. I use it mainly for the abdomen area and have noticed tremendous definition in my body since starting.

  3. The Microcurrent Rose Facial Treatment: A multi-frequency facial that non-invasively activates and stimulates cells and regeneration. It uses the world’s first robotic microcurrent LED fingers device that attaches onto hands, to directly stimulate the “cytochrome C oxidase” in mitochondria, and improve circulation. This has been one of my favourite facials recently!

  4. Glowagen: a supreme, herbal NAD+ supplement that I founded which focuses on nourishing from the inside out. It has helped to prevent photo-ageing, boosted collagen production, helped to convert the carbohydrates I consume into energy instead of fat, as well as improved my sleep quality and digestion.

  5. Rebecca Sylvester SPF 50++++ UV Gel: It’s so important to protect ourselves from UVA and UVB rays, which is why I am extremely diligent about applying sunblock. It also helps to extend the longevity of the treatments I do, as well as my semi-permanent makeup tattoos.

Could you tell us about your semi-permanent eyebrow and eyelash services and why they are unique to the Hong Kong market?

When I started doing semi-permanent makeup in Hong Kong, there were little to no specialists. I championed semi-permanent makeup in Hong Kong and brought with me a repertoire of on-the-job experience and formal training from abroad. Moreover, to ensure my clientele receive the highest quality, longest lasting pigments and most hygienic tools and I developed several of my own application techniques, alongside establishing a tools and pigment company, House of PMU. I have pioneered several of my own techniques, and am the only one in Hong Kong that offers them, including Semi-Permanent Under Eye Concealer, Stretch Mark Concealer and Vitiligo Camouflage, and was the first to do Hairline and Lash Tattoo treatments. As I was building Princess Brows in 2011, I came across many individuals that wanted to be trained by me, and therefore set up Princess Brows Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy - the first overseas academy recognised as an official institution by the UK - and have conducted training’s worldwide. I bring this array of expertise and knowledge of skin types, tones, and face shapes. Over five years ago, I conceived a semi-permanent eyelash treatment and technique called G.E.L Lashes which can lift, lengthen and tint lashes. It is an extremely popular treatment today offered at my skin management clinic, High Society Skin Clinic, as it focuses on enhancing your natural lashes. It can last for up to three months!

Image courtesy of Faye Bradley | Cha Siu Papers Times

What are the most important elements that make up a salon?

In essence, it needs to be a space people love spending time in. I’ve had so many experiences where beauty salons are sales-focused, to the extent that treatments are interrupted to upsell or where I was locked in a consultation room for hours trying to be convinced into another package. I wanted to eliminate this entirely with High Society Skin Clinic and Princess Brows, and create an experience focused solely on the client and the purpose of them being there; a little self-care.

Image courtesy of Faye Bradley | Cha Siu Papers Times

What are your most popular treatments?
 My top three highly requested semi-permanent makeup treatments are for Eyebrows, Lips and Concealer. Our most popular treatment available at High Society Skin Clinic is the HIFU Magic V + DNA treatment and the Body Contouring treatments, such as EmSculpt / EmSculpt NEO.

Where are your top 5 favourite restaurants in Hong Kong?

What about beauty/wellness centres (besides yours)?

I absolutely love the Spa at The Peninsula Hotel and Rosewood Hotel’s Asaya.

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