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Hong Kong's Organic Skincare Brand: By Ginny


Within the ever-evolving beauty industry, organic skincare stands out for its commitment to natural, sustainable ingredients. It's great for sensitive skin and the environment, promoting healthier skin without synthetic additives that offer a holistic approach to skincare. By Ginny epitomises this ethos, crafting the finest and exo-friendly selection of products. Here's your complete guide to the brand, essential reading before you fall under its aromatic spell.

This article is also available in Chinese (HK).

By Ginny's narrative blossomed from a profound belief in cultivating nature's gifts for radiant skin. Founded by Ginny Lau, an aromatherapist dedicated to promoting organic beauty, the brand meticulously selects premium ingredients to create clean skincare solutions for eczema, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. The products are made with carefully selected high-altitude herbal plants that grow on pure land above 1000m and use a low-temperature extraction technique to retain the natural active ingredients in the floral water. A notable aspect is Ginny's personal cultivation of Mexican Mint, the key ingredient, in Hong Kong. This commitment to local cultivation not only promotes sustainability but also underscores the brand's connection with nature and the community.

There is no message more compelling than the simple one to embrace your natural beauty, and it is this philosophy at the core of Ginny's passion and her brand. Recently launched a new aromatherapy line, Ginny also aims to direct her brand to address common wellness issues in Hong Kong, nurturing the mind, body, and soul. Experience skincare infused with the essence of herbal fragrances and floral scents, lovingly nurtured from seed to serum, at By Ginny.


All imagery is provided by By Ginny.

Address: Shop L208B2, 2/F,  Eslite Bookstore, Star House, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 9145 9995 | Instagram: @skincarebyginny | Facebook: @organicskincarebyginny


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