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Janice Lam, Founder of She & Co. Supports Women in Their Journeys Toward Sovereignty


“Our society keeps telling us we are not enough. Not beautiful enough. Not good enough as mothers. Not capable enough as professionals. We are so focused on being desired that we have lost touch with what we truly desire.” From social anxiety to burnout, Psychotherapist Janice Lam deeply understands what it’s like to be crippled by self-doubt. “It is my own healing and self-discovery journey that brought me to this work and it is now my mission to support others,” she shares.

After going through a tough experience with mental health from a young age, Janice found a passion for learning psychotherapy to help herself realign and share her learnings with people around her. Having her first career in the intense, high-pressured investment banks and hedge fund industry, she felt so profoundly of the challenges faced by professionals, especially for women who are also raising a family.

As a trained psychotherapist and motherhood coach, Janice works with women from all walks of life – especially mothers – to deal with issues that can affect their quality of life. From one-on-one therapy sessions to group support, here’s what to know about She & Co., as told by founder Janice Lam:

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

Can you tell us about yourself and how you came to start She & Co.?

I’m a psychotherapist and motherhood coach in private practice. I specialise in helping professional women deal with issues that affect their quality of life, with working mum support being my keen focus.

Before discovering my vocation as a psychotherapist, I had many years of career in investment banks and hedge funds. It was a very interesting and valuable experience that gave me profound insights into the experience of professionals working in competitive work environments and high-performing cultures.

I set up She & Co. to support women in Hong Kong who are struggling, whether they are having problems with their relationships, self-esteem, or career. I focus on supporting women in their inner reflection and professional growth so they can show up as the women they want to be in all aspects of their lives.

What experiences led you to psychotherapy and career coaching for women?

It’s my own healing and self-discovery journey that brought me to this work and it is now my mission to support others. In my adolescent years, I went through a tough journey of self-doubt. I sought help but didn’t have a good experience as many would dismiss my concerns leaving me feeling even more helpless in the process. I lost the motivation to get out and was in a dark place.

Studying psychology helped me understand the problems I was experiencing but ultimately it was therapy and peer support that saved me. Kind souls and wise mentors mirrored to me what I could not see – my innate goodness and worth. I’m forever thankful to my mentors in my first job and my therapist who changed my life.

When I was pregnant during Covid-19, I was still working long hours with hard-core conference calls late at night and on weekends. I understood it was my responsibility to deliver the same level and amount of work as everyone else and this is the common expectation among employers. However, since I became a mother and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I realised there isn’t enough support for women. Many of us are experiencing more responsibility with less support. Even in organisations with policies that support women, prevailing attitudes and unrelenting job pressures undermine them.

As a psychotherapist and motherhood coach, I help women and mothers free themselves from the expectations that cage them and live more joyful, sovereign lives.

As a psychotherapist and motherhood coach, I help women and mothers develop skills and resilience, free themselves from the expectations that cage them and live more joyful sovereign lives. Whether they are expecting their first child or are mothers of three, I hope they know that they’re not alone and always have a choice.

Who is She & Co aimed at?

She & Co. helps women achieve positive changes, whether they are thinking to have a baby and unsure how this would fit into their lives; or first-time mums who struggle in integrating career and motherhood, or mums of three suffering from burnout, or anyone who’s in need of a bit of support in their parenting journey. I work with women from all walks of life – from stay-at-home mothers to working professionals such as doctors, lawyers, financial executives and athletes.

What do you aim to achieve through She & Co?

My mission with She & Co is to remind women that while we’ll always be a work in progress, we are worthy, whole, and lovable, just as we are. I wish to help women free themselves from the expectations that cage them, so that they can take control of their life and feel more like themselves again. Ultimately, I’d like to help women rise individually and collectively.

What services do you offer at She & Co and how can people benefit from them?

Many of us think we should seek support only when we have “emotional issues” or “mental problems”, when actually, a lot of times we just want to feel better, or become the better versions of ourselves. In my one-on-one therapy sessions, I support people who are navigating difficult seasons in life. It could be common problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, or struggles with relationships, body image or career development. Through therapy, I help them understand their emotions, and identify negative thoughts and behaviour, in order to achieve a better psychological state and develop the skills to cope with different life challenges.

Supporting women through their matrescence journey is also my focus – apart from prenatal and postnatal psychological care, I provide one-on-one coaching to help women navigate and cope with the change in their lives, especially those who struggle to build their career and raise a family at the same time, through work like career exploration, preparing to return to the workplace, or interview preparation, etc.

How does your business make a difference?

Most support services available out there seem to focus on the child and the ACT of mothering – DOING the work as a mother, feeding, bathing, holding, caring, teaching, and the emotional labour. While these are essential and important, many mothers give no priority to caring about themselves from within, which is the crucial picture She & Co. focus on – in supporting and enabling a sustainable, joyful motherhood, which is in turn beneficial to our children’s development.

Can you tell us about any exciting initiatives in the pipeline?

Apart from providing one on one and group support for women, I hope to create meaningful, psychoeducational content and resources for mums and families surrounding motherhood, to reduce shame, normalise the need for support, and empower families through reassurance and encouragement. For example, I’m planning some collaborations with working mums of different industries to talk about their challenges and the choices that they make.

I am also working on a project which I believe will be very beneficial to mothers in the Asian community. I am partnering with some mental health advocates and experts to create a supportive motherhood community that focuses on a holistic motherhood experience. This is something I am very passionate about and something that I believe is lacking in the Hong Kong community.


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Learn more about She & Co.

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