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Ladies Night & Izakaya Bites at Missy Ho’s, Kennedy Town

Nestled on bustling Forbes Street in Kennedy Town, Missy Ho’s provides tasty fusion Japanese food in a fun, eclectic setting. The all-day restaurant and bar is one of K-Town’s hottest venues for every occasion, from weekend nights out to casual set lunches (with excellent deals). Shannon Dawson stopped by the speakeasy for a taste of Missy Ho’s “Ladies Night” and the best of the kitchen’s izakaya dishes.

Image courtesy of Castelo Concepts

A tribute to the roaring 20s

Missy Ho’s is an ode to the late Shanghaiese socialite who rose to fame during the roaring 20s where sleazy jazz bars, speakeasies and wild parties were aplenty. Upon walking into this hole-in-the-wall restaurant (literally, as they remove the front cement façade to open up the space) and you’re greeted with a portrait of the aforementioned celebrity beckoning you into her lair of quirky trinkets, tempting cocktails and sumptuous sharing plates.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson

Cheers to Missy Ho’s Ladies Night

Arriving on a Thursday evening—which to our delight is also ladies night—we cheer with our ‘Sugar Daddy’ cocktails, a perfectly balanced sweet and sour mix of ginger and sugar cane, offset with the sharpness of gin and sake. The ‘Honey Bee’ cocktail came next, but don’t let the sweet name fool you—the ginger candy did little to suppress the punch of the bourbon, this one looks like a flower and stings like a bee, but will keep you coming back for more. Every Thursday evening, Missy Ho’s welcomes all the ladies across Hong Kong to come in and sip on HK$10 cocktails and drinks—plus, all the proceeds of the night go straight to charity.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson

The Food

We begin with a plate of Kar Age and Pork Gyozas to whet our appetite. The Kar Age was a generous portion of crispy fried chicken served with spicy mayo which was relentlessly pecked at with our chopsticks until only a few crumbs remained. The pork gyozas were served with kimchi and spring onions and we proceeded to lap them up with the spicy sauce as we bopped to the blaring reggaeton beats that reverberated through the buzzing venue.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson

As we’re presented with a plate of pork belly tacos—crispy with a slather of sticky sweet sauce and crunchy lettuce, and Mexican chicken tacos which offer a melt-in-your-mouth experience—I couldn’t help but glance around at the unusual decorations that adorned the room. From rather conventional ones like terracotta plates and vintage pictures of Hollywood celebrities hung on the walls, to the slightly more outlandish—various Marvel characters in birdcages hung from the ceiling, assembled in a display of combative poses. Just as Shanghai was a melting pot of cultures and customs during the 20s, the food and the décor at Missy Ho’s is a complete mish-mash of flavours—and I’m totally here for it.

Image courtesy of Shannon Dawson

The chicken avocado and spicy salmon dynamite sushi rolls were neatly presented on a black slate and although we were starting to fill up, we managed to make room. The spicy salmon ticks all the boxes, a generous slathering of spicy mayo gives the grilled salmon a nice kick. The chicken avocado had a substantial helping of avocado and teriyaki glaze.

Ladies night is every Thursday and female patrons can receive a drink of their choice from the select menu of cocktails wine and spirits with a $10 coin donation which will go towards a selected NGO. Check out their website for their daily specials including Wednesday night all-you-can-eat sushi which I will be certainly hurrying back for.

Missy Ho’s, 48 Forbes St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, +852 2817 3808,


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