New Xiao Long Bao Menu at Dim Sum Library Elements


Finding xiao long bao in Hong Kong, thankfully, isn’t too difficult—it is where the tradition was born and raised after all. But finding a perfectly-wrapped, savouring dumpling is another question; the dish takes years on years to master and only the top chefs in the city can capture the mouthwatering taste and warm soup broth upon the first bite.

A longstanding restaurant on the block, Dim Sum Library has been celebrated for its xiao long bao’s, and this year reinvents its classic menu with an exotic twist at its flagship and its newly-opened Dim Sum Library Elements. We drop by the Kowloon branch to try the new and noteworthy collection of the traditional “little basket bun (translated from Chinese to English)”. 

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers Times