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Rivet & Rebar's Chef Amp Shares His Top 5 Tips to Perfectly Prepare Grilled Meat & Seafood


With the combination of the Andaman Sea and historical Thai culture, Phuket is a city full of rich seafood cuisine.

For those enjoying the beautiful scenery at The Slate, Phuket, be sure to stop by their international grill house cuisine and bar, Rivet & Rebar, for the perfect holiday getaway refreshment. At Rivet, Chef Napol Srisuebwong, or Chef Amp, welcomes guests into its traditional Thai mansion with its delicious aroma of fresh seafood and meat. Here, Chef Amp shares with us his top five tips to prepare grilled meat and seafood.

1) Fire

Fire is the basis of grilling a steak at Rivet. The chef carefully controls the temperature to cook the meat and not burn it.

2) Wait

Do not cook meat that has been taken directly from the fridge. The meat must be taken out and set aside to get room temperature first. Once the meat is at room temperature, it can be grilled on the stovetop.

3) Temperature

To get the most out of your steak, grill it to the perfect degree of ripeness; medium rare or medium (the heat is about 54.4 degrees for medium rare and 60 degrees for medium), with a centre that is still red and juicy.

4) Wait A Little More

To ensure that grilled meat is tender and juicy, it is important to rest the meat after grilling. Do not serve immediately. Instead, allow the meat to sit for several minutes before serving.

5) Simple Seasoning

The best way to savour the flavour of a fine cut of meat is with salt, not sauce. Salt and pepper are the best accompaniments for bringing out its flavour.


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Address: Nai Yang Beach 116 Moo 1, Sakhu, Thalang Phuket 83110, Thailand | Website: | Phone: +66 76 327 006 | Email: | Instagram: @rivetrebar | Facebook: @rivetrebar | Twitter: @TheSlatePhuket


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