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Solène Verrot On Groundbreaking Anti-Ageing Technologies at EstheClinic


Holistic treatments and non-invasive approaches are paramount at EstheClinic Hong Kong. Using cutting-edge technology, this clinic is raising the bar for women’s skincare to provide visible results after the first session. EstheClinic offers guests leading treatments for permanent hair removal, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, cellulite removal, acne removal, hair loss and the removal of stretch marks, with the ambition of empowering women to feel their best. The director of EstheClinic Hong Kong Solène Verrot discusses with us here how she integrates daily treatments into her personal regime, and the importance of maintaining quality self care.

All images courtesy of EstheClinic.

What influenced you to follow this profession?

I have always been interested in natural ways to take care of my skin and body. With groundbreaking technologies, we have found the best way to do this without having to check the composition of every beauty product or resorting to invasive procedures, extreme medication or dieting. EstheClinic uses in-house technologies and protocols that stimulate cells and skin, allowing the body to do the rest. This results in long-lasting effects without any pain or downtime.

That's why I decided to join the EstheClinic family business. Our patented technologies were designed by my partner's uncle, who is a physician and has been working on them for 20 years. We have many locations across France and four branches in Singapore, so opening clinics in Hong Kong was a natural next step.

How does your brand stand out from other clinics?

At EstheClinic, we have the best quality devices available in-house, allowing us to find the most effective ways to achieve your beauty goals using medical protocols that are perfectly adapted for you. However, our main focus is on taking care of our clients. We understand that you trust us with your most precious asset: yourself! Our staff is dedicated to supporting you throughout your entire journey with us, from your initial contact to your final recommendation. We will listen to your needs, advise you, and guide you every step of the way. We take a holistic approach to optimise the results of your treatments, addressing each individual's specific needs.

Are spa treatments a common integration into your own skincare routine?

Of course! Whenever planning allows I like to go for a treatment at our clinic in Central or SYP. Before going out I will go for an intense glow, instant result assured and get the perfect skin for a night out. When feeling dehydrated I go for an hydrafacial. And of course after festive seasons, some body treatments for getting back in shape.

Outside the clinics I love to go for massage but who doesn’t!

How has the popularity of treatments altered following the lifting of mask requirements?

We have observed a higher demand for face treatments, even from clients who usually come for other treatments like permanent hair removal or body slimming. Our Oxypure treatment is perfect for those looking to exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate their skin, especially after wearing masks for extended periods. It's a great way to take care of your skin, and it's highly recommended. Your skin will appreciate it!

If you were to recommend one treatment for women from EstheClinic, what would it be?

That really depends on what you want to achieve!

At our clinic, we offer different courses of treatment that are specifically designed to address particular concerns. To ensure that we suggest the best treatment plan for you, we always start with a free consultation where our consultant listens to your concerns and assesses the targeted area. This way, we can recommend a customised treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Since each individual is different, it's difficult to say which treatment is the best without a consultation.

The best way to find out which treatment works best for you is to come and visit us. We offer a 50% discount on the first session, so you can try out the treatment without committing to the full cost.

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