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The Best Dog Products of 2023 (Hong Kong)


As the year comes to a close and you reflect on the support and love received from your beloved furry friends, their presence and adorable nature speak volumes beyond words. For those considering a thoughtful gift for your pets, we've gathered a selection of healthy, natural, and veterinarian-approved products aimed at enhancing their well-being and comfort.

Food & Treats

PetShack: Whimzees Dental Treats for Dogs - Toothbrush - Large (360g) (HK$108)

The Whimzees Toothbrush is a gluten-free dental treat crafted from entirely natural ingredients. As your dog happily chews on this treat, it effectively cleans and removes plaque and tartar from their teeth.

PetShack: WAG - Split Large Antler (HK$218)

Split Antlers are perfect for dogs seeking rewards without extensive chewing effort. Packed with calcium and phosphorous, they offer significant health and heart benefits. Not only delicious, these treats also combat tartar buildup and promote improved oral health for your dog.

Vetopia: Animalkind - Shark Cartilage Dog Treats (HK$108)

Approved by veterinarians and nurses, the Animalkind Shark Cartilage Dog Treats is a natural and nutritious treat for joint problems.


Health Care & Hygiene

PetShack: Tropiclean- Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel (HK$198)

For fresh breath and clean teeth when you snuggle with your furry friends, the Tropiclean Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel is the product you need.

PetShack: Dual Algae Oral Health Plaque Remover 50g (HK$148)

This oral health solution aims to prevent the formation of plaque, remove existing tartar, and keep breath fresh. It also addresses various types of inflammation, aids in repairing damaged cells, accelerates the healing of mouth or lip wounds, and strengthens teeth and gums to prevent periodontal disease.

PetShack: Nutri-Vet Dog Care Enzymatic Toothpaste Chicken 2.5oz (HK$55)

This is a non-foaming, palatable paste designed for regular use to promote a healthy mouth, preventing tartar buildup that can lead to gum irritation, tooth loosening, or loss.

CityU Vet Boutique: WHOLISTIC PET ORGANICS- Cod Liver Oil

Rich with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, the Wild Cod Liver Oil is essential for your pet's smooth and healthy coat.

CityU Vet Boutique: IVORY COAT- Deodorising Fragrance (Australian Botanicals) 120ml

After a warming bath, spray your furry friends with the Deodorising France Australian Botanicals for an exquisite finishing touch.


Toys & Accessories

PetShack: ZippyPaws - Jigglerz® - Blue Whale (HK$138)

Experience fun and playfulness with our ocean-themed plush Jigglerz® collection featuring the majestic Blue Whale! Jigglerz® introduces a unique squeaking experience, crafted with ZippyPaws' exclusive noisemakers that activate with a shake.

PetShack: Flamingo Float Toy (HK$80)

P.L.A.Y brings the tropical summer vacation to your and your puppy's house with the pink Flamingo Float Toy.

Whiskers N Paws: West Paw- Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy (Green/Small) (HK$105)

With West Paw's Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy, prepare for energising chases with your dog on land or water.

PetShack: P.L.A.Y - Round Bed - Houndstooth - Medium - Cayenne Red (HK$781)

Ensure your pup remains stylish even during their nap with this timeless Houndstooth design. Whether lounging at a country club or on a weekend beach trip in Nantucket, this classic pattern adds sophistication to any setting.

PetShack: Rex Specs Dog Goggles - V2 - Yazberry - Small (HK$899)

Rex Specs Goggles offer reliable and secure eye protection for your dog. Whether it's professional working dogs deploying from helicopters, casual sunny day walks, bird flushing hunting dogs, or even motorcycle riding pups, Rex Specs are versatile for any adventure.

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