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The Career Profiles of the Dubai Bling Cast



Renowned globally for its cinematic snapshots of Dubai's breathtaking cityscape and its glamorous fashion statements, Dubai Bling has adopted a substantial fan following. While the sports cars and luxurious lifestyles captivate international viewers, the origins of some of the cast member's financial empires remains elusive. Here, we’ll delve into the career portfolios of each member and uncover the secrets behind their million-dollar fortunes. 

1) Zeina Khoury

Though she calls herself the “Queen of Versace”, Zeina Khoury’s actual field of work has nothing to do with the fashion industry. Having immigrated from Lebanon to Dubai in 2006, Zeina’s credentials from London Business School allowed her to pave the way to her success within real estate. Juggling the title of CEO of Zed Capital Real Estate and the Founder of her new clothing line I Am The Company, Zeina Khoury has worked hard to achieve her estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

2) Safa and Fahad Siddiqui 

Safa stands out amongst the cast for her exuberant luxury car collection and high-end fashion shopping trips. Before her relocation to Dubai where she sought a career in fashion, Safa completed a Commerce and Management degree and established some of her wealth through the real estate world. Her appearance in Dubai Bling however showcased her desire to pursue a fashion design career with her fashion show launch in season 1. Along with her modelling prowess, Safa’s total net worth amounts to an impressive US$1.5 million. Combined with the US$4 million worth of her husband Fahad who accumulated his great wealth from his prolific business career, the Siddiqui family has made a name for itself within Dubai’s high society. 

3) DJ Bliss and Danya Mohammed 

Breaking the record as the first Emirati musician to tour internationally, DJ Bliss, aka Marwan Al-Awadhi, began working as a DJ where his unique talent made him highly distinguished within the music industry. With the prestige he had garnered for himself, DJ Bliss decided to found his own production company named Bliss Inc. Having revolutionised the music scene of Dubai and encouraged aspiring musicians like himself, DJ Bliss has earnt himself a substantial net worth of US$1 million, according to sources online.

Danya Mohammed, DJ Bliss’s wife, makes it clear throughout the series that she certainly doesn't define herself by the shadow of DJ Bliss’s success. Proving her truly hardworking spirit, Danya worked towards achieving a masters degree in Project Management and is currently pursuing a PhD in the same field. Her total net worth of US$1 million is sourced from her multiple sources of income, including brand modelling, her investment in businesses, her own fashion line company BYD, and her professional involvement in events companies like The Bicnic. Her recent collaboration with best friend Ebraheem Al Samadi has also allowed them to co-found The Besties Cafe in Al Seef Heritage Souq which has been raving with great reviews. All in all, this family’s passionate endeavours have earned them the lavish lifestyle of Dubai's elites.

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4) Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez Fade

In a health-conscious move, Kris Fade has revolutionised the healthy snacks industry within Dubai. Having initially kickstarted his career through becoming a radio icon, Kris suddenly noticed a gap within Dubai’s health market and shortly after decided to open up his own company called Fade Fit, selling a variety of vitamin gummies, protein snacks, and smoothies. From this business alone, Kris, alongside his wife Brianna who works as Fade Fit's brand manager, has accumulated an impressive net worth of US$2 million, according to sources.

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5) Mona Kattan Al-Amin and Hassan Al-Amin

Ranked as the richest in the show, Mona Kattan’s co-founded beauty business has a stunning worth of US$560 million, per sources, of which US$100-US$200 million reflects Mona’s worth alone. Alongside being the core founder of Huda beauty’s co-branded perfume brand Kayali, Mona announces her desire within season 2 to start her own company. Completely under her own name, Mona expresses her excitement at opening up her own “creativity lab” that will primarily be for “investing in other startups”. Whilst the net worth of her husband Hassan Al-Amin remains unconfirmed, his prestige within the insurance industry is known to have also funded his own lavishly grand income.

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6) Loujain Adada

Only in her mid-thirties, Loujain Adada has managed to procure a staggering net worth of around US$3.80-US$4 million through multiple streams of income, according to sources online. She is the widow of Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali. However, as she leverages one million followers on Instagram, Loujain has certainly risen past her Juffali inheritance and boosted her income and social presence through brand collaborations and TV opportunities.

7) Loujain Omran

Lojain Omran boasts one of Dubai Bling's highest net worths due to her work within Arab entertainment industries. Having been listed by Forbes as the “Top 100 Arabs”, Loujain’s financial empire, worth an estimated US$6 million, has dominated the sphere of the Middle East’s affluent celebrities. Renowned as a television personality, celebrity interviewer, and human rights activist, Loujain’s career spans many areas and allowed her to achieve an astounding 11.5 million followers on Instagram. 

8) Ebraheem Al-Samadi 

A Kuwaiti multi-business owner, Ebraheem Al-Samadi overshadows most of the Dubai Bling cast's wealth with his stratospheric net worth of US$50 million, per sources. With his business-centric attitude that he claims to have demonstrated since childhood with his Levi's jeans reselling business, Ebraheem shares his spot in the limelight with Mona as the richest Dubai Bling cast member. His multi-million luxury flower company Forever Rose, and its co-branded cafe with its staple black-and-white theme Forever Rose Cafe, are both run in his name. Alongside his main businesses, Ebraheem’s multiple income streams are likely due to his high standing within Dubai’s prestigious social services and brand collaborations.

9) Farhana Bodi

Ridiculed for her sponsorship-based income by Dubai Bling cast members, Farhana Bodi has engineered her wealth through her self-founded events and lifestyle company I Am Woman Of The World. Having started her early career as a model and makeup artist, Farhana’s power on social media, where she has a large following of 2.5 million, opens pathways for high-end brand collaborations. As such, her Instagram posts are rumoured to provide her up to US$10,000 per sponsered social media post, according to sources. More than a social media content creator for powerful luxury brands, Farhana Bodi’s entrepreneurial talents have earned her a net worth of approximately US$2.5 million, per online sources.

10) Hasnain Lehri

Famous in Pakistan due to his flourishing modelling-turned-acting career after he was scouted during his younger years, the roots of Hasnain Lehri’s accumulative wealth have expanded to the fashion industry. Originally, his qualifications in Business Administration have aided his success within his construction company in Pakistan. Like Loujain Omran, his personal endeavours also reflect altruistic values, including being a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and working on projects that serve to provide water sources to impoverished areas. Another main contributor to his net worth of US$5 million however is Hasnain Lehri’s prowess within the fashion world, which has awarded him multiple luxury Brand Ambassador titles and a record-breaking number of 5 Lux Style Awards. 




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