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The Luxe Manor is a Surrealism-Inspired Boutique Hotel


Surrealism is at the core of Tsim Sha Tsui’s The Luxe Manor. A boutique hotel with an eye for the artistic, The Luxe Manor prides itself on quirkiness and post-modern artwork particularly from Salvador Dali and André Breton, the founders of the art movement from the 1920’s. We check in in to the one-of-a-kind hotel to experience a taste of whims in the heart of Hong Kong.


Conveniently situated below the buzzing Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui, the hotel is only a five-minute walk from the MTR station. Guests can wander around the well-known streets of Hong Kong and dine in some of the nearby restaurants near the hotel—and of course, head out for drinks at the bars on Knutsford.


The design at The Luxe Manor is undeniably one of the most unique in the city. Boasting out-of-this-world interiors, which begin when you enter the hotel through the heavy tall doors, to the lobby which is decked in stylish yet odd furnishings in line with the surrealist theme.

Described as a self-proclaimed “European mansion in an urban forest”, the hotel showcases mosaic patterns in accordance with Gaudi’s inspirations. The more you look around the hotel, the more you notice—and for art appreciators, a few recognisable motifs can be spotted throughout.  

The Room

We stayed in the Premier Room, a quaint yet quirky accommodation with hints of surrealism in the paintings and furniture.

There isn’t much of a view—it is Knutsford Terrace, after all—but all is made up for when exploring the hotel grounds.

Its prized rooms, however, are from the selection of themed rooms on “The Shining” interior-inspired floor. Each suite has its own unique and unimaginable concept, and really feels like a temporary step away from the world. There are six suites in total and the themes are as follows:

Royale – based on Hollywood glamour and revives the lavish 1940’s

Chic – elegant and minimalist

Safari – my favourite one, a canopy bed and safari-themed room, conjuring up ideas of luxury camping in the Arabian desert

Liaison – for honeymooner’s or lovers, this room is reminiscent of Japanese love hotels

Nordic – in line with the hotel’s renowned FINDS Nordic restaurant, this room is icy blue and decked in faux fur

Mirage – probably the strangest and most fun room, this one is filled with surrealist-inspired interiors and furnishings

The Amenities

The room which we stayed in is quite small but the staff is very friendly and enthusiastic. We were greeted with a welcome cake upon arrival which was a lovely touch. There’s a 24-hour gym, a business centre with full services, themed function rooms and valet parking.


One of the highlights of our stay (besides the fantastical design, of course) was the dining experience we had at FINDS, Hong Kong’s first authentic Nordic restaurant. FINDS stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and specialises in clean, wholesome dishes, particularly in what the Scandinavian’s do best—seafood.

We tried the Social Dining Set (HK$588 per person), a delightful selection of some of the best dishes on the menu. First, we started with the Smooth Roasted Lobster & Salmon Soup Dill Creme and the Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Soup. We tried the Nordic Seafood Platter a generous portion with scallops, house-smoked shrimps, blue mussels, baby clams, cold-smoked salmon, seared salmon, pickled salmon—the salmon was absolutely delicious and it’s evident why this is a signature dish. Then we shared the Roasted US Prime Beef Rib Eye, a succulent and tender beef dish which came with ripe root vegetables ragout, creamy mashed potatoes and ‘Grains of Paradise Butter’ red wine sauce. For dessert, we had the ‘Daim’ parfait meringue with almond, caramel, and chocolate-inspired by Swedish ‘Daim’ candy bars.

Other venues at The Luxe Manor include the Dada Bar + Lounge and the Extraordinary Dining experience.


Our experience was very accommodating from the moment we arrived, and being an art graduate with a passion for the surrealist and dada movement, the experience was fascinating to say the least. If you’re not a fan of in-your-face decor or know much about the arts, the staff would be happy to guide you through the meanings behind the ornaments. The Luxe Manor is definitely one of the most unique hotels I have been to and is highly recommended for those looking for a themed party, a decadent meal at FINDS or a taste of the 1900’s dreamlike movement.

The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 3763 8888,


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