The Tirpse x Takano Special Set Menu is an Ode to Innovative Japanese Fare

Japanese and French cuisine have some notable similarities. For example, seasonal ingredients play a huge role in both menus, interchanging courses based on the time of year to enhance freshness. Simplicity is another—it's all in the details, without any over-the-top gimmicks. And the shared value of presentation; sushi is one of the most refined arts while French fine dining is renowned for its tribute to artistic fare. So when TIRPSE launched last year, we were delighted to hear its Japanese-French cuisine focus, and, no surprise, the restaurant gained its first Michelin star following its Tokyo flagship within months of opening. Since its inception, TIRPSE has rotated its menu seasonally, offering set menus from lunch to dinner. We tried the restaurant's set dinner collaboration with sister property Takano, divine ramen specialists, for a decadent evening on the town.

Cha Siu Papers Times
Image courtesy of Adam Thompson | Cha Siu Papers Times

When we first visited TIRPSE last year, restaurant restrictions were limited to day-time dine-ins. Luckily this time, we were able to attend the evening round, showcasing the splendid harbourview in its moonlit glory. Starting the experience with a pop, we toasted to the welcome champagne. The crossover menu debuts Takano, a name that has appeared in Le Guide Michelin for four consecutive years, and its next-door-neighbour Tirpse, recently voted one of the top 100 restaurants by the South China Morning Post. For 22 days, the menu will succinctly imbue French and Japanese flavours for a unique menu available for a limited time.

"Both restaurants are well known for their culinary excellence,” explains Tirpse Chef Yuta Shimizu. “Unfortunately, both restaurants are also sharing a similar struggle as a result of the pandemic. When you’re struggling with something in life, there is no better remedy than the support of a friend. That’s why the crossover makes so much sense. Diners will get the absolutely perfect noodles that Takano is known for the world over, and the playful, internationally-inspired ingredients that have made Tirpse a culinary powerhouse.”