Tojo’s Restaurant Curates Innovative Japanese Cuisine with Historical Influences


One of Vancouver’s oldest sushi restaurants, Tojo’s Restaurant, continues to excel and excite with its gourmet menu. Helmed by Chef Hidekazu Tojo, the eatery is known for celebrating seasonal, local ingredients in its menu and for inventing the California Roll, an inside-out sushi roll filled with crab meat and avocado. Tojo is also the inventor of the BC Roll, a dish which is filled with barbecued grilled salmon skin, flavoured with a rich, savoury sauce. With over 25 years in the making, Tojo’s is an iconic venue, serving the most delectable Japanese cuisine in Vancouver, and its longstanding history shows it. Our Vancouver-based contributor, Geraldine Sangalang from Chatty Bear, stopped by the infamous restaurant to try the Omakase tasting menu, paired with the Sawara Sake Flight.