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Top 5 Must-Try French Pastries From Chef Pâtissier Steven Jin of L’Envol at The St. Regis Hong Kong


Pastries are made to give joy to others — this is a sentiment that Chef Pâtissier Steven Jin has carried within him throughout his culinary journey. His passion was discovered at a young age in his childhood city of Toulon, southeastern France. Determined in his belief, Chef Jin embarked on the path to sweet success.

From a silver award in the national French Dessert Championship 2015 to working at many Michelin-awarded restaurants, the chef pâtissier has gifted joy to many guests over the world. Today, Jin continues his mission as the Chef Pâtissier at the Two Michelin-starred L’Envol, a signature restaurant to the iconic The St. Regis Hong Kong.

Here, Chef Jin shares his personal top 5 must-try French pastries.

Photo: L'Envol Hong Kong

1. Baba Rhum

Baba Rhum was one of the signature desserts at one of my work places in France. Its texture and shape surely evoke some good memories and therefore this classic pastry is very special to me.

Photo: L'Envol Hong Kong

2. Tarte Tropézienne

Tarte Tropézienne is a unique dessert because it was indeed originated from my hometown, Toulon. It was named after an actress who ‘discovered’ the dessert when she was filming in Saint-Tropez, it became a well-liked confection since then.

3. Soufflé

Soufflé is the signature dessert at L’Envol; also one of my favorite one to create. Different from regular soufflé, I like to experiment with its texture and infuse various flavors, fillings and toppings, so as to curate extraordinary experience for my beloved guests.

4. Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille is my favorite dessert in childhood as I used to come home with it served on the table; it is also the most classic French dessert among all because of its delightful taste and texture.

Photo: L'Envol Hong Kong

5. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is my favorite pastry as I am a huge enthusiast about chestnut desserts, this passion has been showcasing in my cake collection.


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