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Where to Buy Premium Wine in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is brimming with an abundant selection of wine bars citywide, but some days, you just want to kick back and appreciate a glass at home. On a warm summer's day, there's nothing better than sitting back at the poolside. Or for those fortunate enough, on the balcony or some form of outdoor space with a chilled glass of white wine. While there is the quick and convenient option of restocking the shelves with your local supermarket stock, it doesn't quite compare in quality when placed alongside independent boutiques. Premium wine suppliers and distributors tend to source their wines from family-owned, quality wineries that focus on perfecting the experience. Without further ado, here are the best wine boutiques in Hong Kong to indulge in.

Wine Please! believes that a good bottle of wine is the answer to everything. After all, wine shouldn’t be intimidating or only reserved for connoisseurs. It’s meant to be shared and enjoyed, on any occasion (and even if there is none!). In fact, the motto at Wine Please! is “We aren’t trying to change the world. We like the way the world is – but with more good wine please!”. Powered by Kedington Wines (which has over 30 years of experience in importing quality wines), Wine Please! is an online wine delivery service that’s trying to bring unique and exciting wines to the city. With a diverse selection of labels sourced directly from the producers, some of whom are internationally-acclaimed family wineries, it stocks everything from crowd-pleasing Sauvignon Blanc to delicious Shiraz and top-notch Champagne.

Bakus refers to Bacchus, the ancient Roman God of Wines. Opening in 2020, Bakus Cellars is an importer and distributor of family-owned wine brands from France, with its wine portfolio soon expanding into Europe. The company focuses on three main elements when selecting its wines  – high quality, simplicity and reasonable pricing. Customers can enjoy free delivery in Hong Kong if they purchase six or more bottles. Every partner that the brand works with ensures a team of passionate winemakers with outstanding expertise and a strong dedication to producing wines that reflect their personality and the uniqueness of their regions.

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Founded in 2004, Golden Gate Wine specialises in importing and distributing fine American wine to the Hong Kong market. The premium brand features a selection of wines from around 60 wineries across California, Oregon and Washinton, using fine quality small to medium-sized wineries on the West Coast. Although the portfolio comprises predominantly American variations, it also supplies wines from France, New Zealand and Australia, as well as a tempting selection of American craft beers, ciders and spirits.

Derived from Greek mythology, specifically the cupbearer and wine pourer for the Gods, Ganymede Ltd was established by the same founders behind Olivier Pacific Ltd, a successful fine food distribution business now acquired by Bright Foods Ltd. Its wine venture is a boutique importer and distributor of premium Italian wines. It quickly expanded into offering wines from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the New World category and France, Italy and Spain from the Old World producers. Run by a small team, the brand focuses on a one-on-one experience with the customer to cater your experience based on the occasion you're looking to fulfill, whether it's an exclusive party or a romantic dinner. You won't see this brand on any supermarket shelves – they sell direct. That means if you would like to try any of the wines you need to talk to the team, but that’s okay, they love having a chat. So, call Mark Winstanley on 9193 5246 or for more info or shop online.

As a network of experts in viticulture, vinification and wine distribution, The Wine Guild will keep you in good hands when it comes to the refined beverage. Specialising in French independent wineries, the brand constantly sources handcrafted wines from all regions in France to provide in-store and online experiences to all wine lovers. Shop in person at its Mid Levels location near the escalator on 31-37 Mosque Street or visit its regular events in-store and outside. Some recent impressive collaborations include Ralph Lauren, Umami Factory, Workshop 2015 (private kitchen), among others.

Founded by actress and entrepreneur Bernice Liu, Bellavizio is part of Wine Maven, a luxury wine community devoted to sharing, learning and creating fond memories of wine and food. "I created because life is complicated enough. We need to cherish the moments and be happy!", says Liu. The platform offers a vast selection of premium wines and champagnes from Europe to celebrate the diverse flavours of the beverage.

With over 16 exclusive brands and 1,000 SKUs, Pinewood Wine's mother company has established itself in the wine community through its online platforms. The Pinewood Wine label was founded in 2013, representing some of the most prestigious wine estates and family-owned boutique wineries from the Old World, bringing them directly to Hong Kong and Macau. Moreover, the company has also invested in wineries and vineyards in some of the world's best wine-producing regions.


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