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7 Lunar New Year 2024 Luxury Fashion Capsule Collections, From Gucci and Burberry to Dolce & Gabbana

Direct your excitement for the upcoming Lunar New Year by exploring these new fashion capsule collections curated by esteemed luxury brands, and admire the ways in which they marry distinct components of Chinese heritage with modern sophistication. From polished leather designed in the name of the Year of the Dragon, to crimson-red colour schemes, these capsule collections, infused with Asian notions of good fortune and health, are sure to elevate the festivities this year.

1) Tory Burch


Showcasing sleek beige leather and dragon-themed charms, Tory Burch has designed the perfect Lunar New Year collection to start the year off on a lucky note. With charmingly pixelated clouds and youthful dragon illustrations, this collection seamlessly blends iconic Chinese motifs with dreamy pastels to create subtly ceremonious pieces. 

2) Gucci

Encapsulating the regal red symbolism of the Lunar New Year, Gucci proudly presents its celebratory capsule featuring knitwear, signature handbags, and leather accessories. Curated through marrying iconic interlocking G prints with red dragon-inspired iconography, Gucci presents a collection that is both bold and fashionable. 

3) Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s Lunar New Year special flaunts gold and Asian-inspired brocade as its central signature. Paying homage to the dazzling essence of royal gold tones within Chinese mythology and its symbolism of prosperity and cheerfulness, this collection uniquely intertwines modern fashion with traditional beauty.

4) Dunhill

Simplicity speaks for itself in Dunhill’s Lunar New Year collection. Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with its dragon-embroidered items, this assortment of luxury fashion goods include timeless knitwear, staple leather accessories, and decorated bottles. Red, white, and black take center stage in an effortless reincarnation of Chinese heritage. 

5) Bottega Veneta

Delightfully enigmatic in its Lunar New Year themes, Bottega Veneta’s collection is designed with hidden accents and celebratory colours. The festive lineup includes checkered red and green Jodie’s, dragon-scale-inspired gold hoop earrings, and a pair of forest green heels adorned with a metal dragon tail strap.

Upon request.

6) Burberry

Burberry’s Lunar New Year debut features iconic elements including Chinese-crimson checkered prints, and a rose-printed shirt that is hand-tailored in Italy. Complete the look with their unique scarlet-red rose clutch and celebrate the new year in true Chinese style. 


7) Tod’s

Commemorating the Year of the Dragon, Tod’s exclusive collection boasts leather garments in shades of deep red embellished with intricately illustrated maroon double-dragon icons. Harmoniously paired with traditional colour schemes and quintessential designs, Tod’s release truly marks 2024 as a year of incoming prosperity, health, and good fortune. 



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