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Enjoy an Auspicious Lunar New Year with Rubber Duck Artist Florentijn Hofman’s Virtual Moon Rabbit!


With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, the spirit of the auspicious festival is abundant in all the streets and houses across Hong Kong. Red lanterns hang high above spring couplets, to bless onlookers with the upcoming festivities toward a prosperous new year.

This year, to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, Hong Kong will be joined by Moon Rabbit for its virtual reality debut!

A vibrant and colourful e-Card animation and the latest AR technology allow you to join in on spreading its cuteness! Here's what to know and how to get involved:

This article is available to read in Chinese (HK).

Henderson Land Group collaborated with renowned artist Florentijn Hofman to create this project that captures the delightful spirit of the Lunar New Year and its dedication to homes of smart living. White and fluffy with an adorable pink nose and a soft and round body, the Moon Rabbit is on a mission to bring a fun and creative mood wherever you go.

The works of the creator behind the iconic Yellow Duck are largely inspired by animal and toy figures, reflecting nature and the power of healing from within. For Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year celebration, the Moon Rabbit is an artful creation embodying the artist’s signature childlike innocence.

In the luscious green meadows of the Netherlands, the Moon Rabbit awakens from its slumber and springs to life at Henderson Land’s Eternal Wheel of hope and vitality. Filled with curiosity, the Moon Rabbit hops in to find itself amidst the dazzling Shanghai nightlife.

Travelling through the glistening landmarks of the city, the Moon Rabbit then leaps to its destination, Hong Kong. The vibrant city welcomes its arrival with traditional lion dances on the top of the city tram and gazes at the radiant nocturnal skyline of the Victoria Harbour. The city is filled with red, symbolising luck, joy and happiness. Falling in love with the city’s charm, the Moon Rabbit wishes you a prosperous new year to come.

Through the Lens of Your Instagram

To help the journey of the Moon Rabbit in Hong Kong, Henderson Land Group has also launched an Instagram AR filter! On the @Hendersonlandhk Instagram page, you can find the limited-time Moon Rabbit AR filters to see the adorable artwork whenever and wherever you are during your Lunar New Year holiday. You can feature the adorable star on your Instagram story and reels so you can show off to friends!

Digital Creative Competition to Win a European Art Trip for Two

The exciting launch does not stop there as the Moon Rabbit will also offer the chance to win a European Art Trip for two! Start the Lunar New Year with creativity and auspicious joy by entering the ‘Realising Your Imagination’ competition.

Submit digital artwork (digital photography, digital art, animation...) by the 28 February. Depict your idea of the future of living with Henderson Land Group’s urban landscapes across Hong Kong via the competition website. The prize includes a European Art Trip for two with airfares and hotel accommodation covered, and even more excitingly, an online exhibition to display your winning work!


All imagery is provided by Henderson Land.

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