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SHHH Salon’s Marvin Lin On Hair Well-being & the OMG Range



Amid the dazzling world of magazine photoshoots and the allure of runway shows, Marvin Lin observed the toll taken on hair by constant styling, heating, and dyeing. To the stylist, hair is a reflection, a manifestation of one's beauty and identity. It is a sign of vitality.

Lin's philosophy goes beyond mere haircuts; it's about fostering a deep connection with clients, understanding their personalities, and guiding them towards hairstyles that not only look great but also resonate with their lifestyle. This deep-rooted vision gave birth to the esteemed SHHH Salon and its exquisite selection of luxury haircare products including the award-winning OMG+ series. Influenced by her grandfather, a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Lin's approach to haircare is intricately linked with overall health and wellness, revealing how hair can be a window to underlying health issues. Here, Lin shares with us her personal insights on haircare and the dedicated craft of hairstyling at SHHH Salon as its Founder and Creative Director.

1. What inspired you to get into the hair industry?

As a young person, I often found myself frustrated with hairstylists who couldn't quite deliver the look I desired or ended up messing up my hair. That frustration led me to give hairstyling a shot myself, and surprisingly, I discovered a knack for it. I was honored as the Best Junior Stylist shortly after venturing into the industry, and time has flown by — I've now been part of this industry for over two decades.

Throughout this journey, I've learned that hairstyling is an intricate dance between the stylist and the guest. It's about communication, delving deep into desires, and finding the path to achieve the ultimate hair goal. Sometimes, guests may desire a hairstyle that doesn't align with their personality or lifestyle.

As a hairstyling professional, it's our responsibility, akin to being a psychologist, counselor, or an intimate life partner, to honestly guide our guests. It's not just about whether a certain hairstyle suits them or not; it's also about recognising, from my extensive experience with tens of thousands of heads and hair, that hair can be indicative of various health issues. This perspective stems from my upbringing in a family where my grandfather, a respected Chinese medicine doctor, instilled in me a curiosity to explore the connection between overall wellness, health, and haircare.

2. Can you tell us about yourself and how you came to start SHHH Salon?

I've always approached my career in haircare with unwavering dedication, giving my utmost to serve my guests and address their hair concerns earnestly. It's disheartening to witness high-profile clients reveling in surface glamour for runways, photoshoots, or blockbuster productions while quietly battling numerous hair issues behind the scenes. Early in my career, I felt the weight of responsibility - I wasn't just styling them, but also seeking solutions to ensure their comfort with their hair.

Picture gracing magazine covers while struggling with hair loss. How might that affect one's mental well-being? This issue isn't exclusive to the entertainment industry; it extends to professionals coping with intense stress and weighty responsibilities. Stress, often perceived as solely mental, manifests physically, frequently resulting in common issues like hair loss.

Certainly, if they didn't encounter such problems, they might not seek out me or SHHH. Consequently, I encounter these issues more frequently than others. However, over time, hair problems tend to morph into secrets or even a source of shame that people avoid discussing. Hence, I aspire for SHHH to be more than just a place for guests to enhance their beauty and style; it's a sanctuary where they can truly unwind, discover tailored hair solutions, and feel their absolute best.

"Throughout this journey, I've learned that hairstyling is an intricate dance between the stylist and the guest."

- Marvin Lin, Founder & Creative Director of SHHH Salon

3. How does SHHH stand out in Hong Kong?

SHHH salon stands out for our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier haircare solutions to our guests. Even before luxury haircare became a trend, we dedicated substantial resources to crafting exceptional haircare products. Long before it became a widespread conversation, we were investing in the development of high-quality haircare.

One of the driving forces behind the inception of our OMG series was the need to cater to our international clients, ensuring they had access to haircare that aligned with their needs, regardless of their location. Our dedication stems from a genuine passion for our craft and a commitment to our profession. It's this steadfast focus that truly sets us apart and defines our uniqueness.

4. What can a first-timer at SHHH Salon expect?

Come to us and we will give you rest. That’s one of our founding principles.

"I aspire for SHHH to be more than just a place for guests to enhance their beauty and style; it's a sanctuary where they can truly unwind, discover tailored hair solutions, and feel their absolute best."

- Marvin Lin, Founder & Creative Director of SHHH Salon

5. Can you give us a rundown of your personal haircare routine?

As you can see, my hair flaunts an intricate blend of blue and purple hues, maintaining both its vibrant shine and buoyant bounce, showcasing the meticulous care dedicated not only to each strand but also to the scalp. Prioritising scalp health and optimal hair growth, I religiously use the OMG+ scalp set. To enhance shine, I opt for Glossy, while for added bounce, Airy does the trick.

Our series' versatility allows for a unique approach, allowing me to mix and match shampoo and treatments to suit my needs. For instance, after a day of surfing when my hair tends to parch, I perform a deep cleanse using the Scalp set followed by Airy to infuse volume and vitality back into my locks.

During intense schedules with frequent travel and a flurry of appointments at SHHH, I turn to KORE to fortify my scalp, mitigating potential hair loss caused by stress and a demanding itinerary. My hair routine is adaptive, tailored to accommodate the specific demands and rhythms of my lifestyle. However, the use of the Scalp set remains a steadfast fixture in my regular routine.

6. Are there any exciting launches from SHHH Salon that we can look forward to?

We're unwaveringly dedicated to pioneering top-notch products in the realm of hair, scalp, and personal care, collaborating with exceptional teams worldwide. Following the triumphant introduction of OMG+ last year, our latest launch, the KORE series, represents the pinnacle of our product line.

Users spanning various countries have not only experienced but also eagerly shared remarkable results with us. For those seeking the utmost in advanced hair tonics, KORE, bio-engineered in Japan, promises to astound. An Abu Dhabi-based couple has been documenting their transformative journey with our products, offering us an exhilarating glimpse into how our offerings genuinely aid individuals.

Moreover, we're on the brink of exciting local and international collaborations set to unfold shortly. With the world gradually reopening post-COVID, discussions with potential partners are gaining traction, paving the way to expand our product reach to new clientele.

For us, venturing into new markets is a symbiotic journey. It not only extends our reach to diverse global markets but also serves as a conduit for inspiration, enriching our team and brand with diverse cultural insights. This expansion fuels our constant quest for self-improvement and innovation as a collective unit.


All image is courtesy of SHHH Salon.

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