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OnTheList Co-Founder Delphine Lefay Shares Her Top 5 Tips On Sustainable Shopping

Since 2016, OnTheList has provided an in-person and online platform for sustainable luxury shopping – at affordable prices. With branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei, the members-only brand expanded quickly with its shared vision of eco-friendly-driven retail, by turning old inventory from past-season merchandise into the best deals in town. We ask co-founder Delphine Lefay on her top five tips to shop sustainably.

OnTheList's Delphine Lefay On Her Top 5 Tips For Sustainable Shopping:

Delphine and Diego Dultzin, Co-founders of OnTheList, csp top 5 sustainability

1) Always Bring A Shopping Bag With You

It is good to inherit the habit of bringing a shopping bag with you every time you go out, as you may never know when you will need an extra bag. For instance, you may suddenly want to purchase some groceries on your way home! Reducing the use of single-use paper or plastic shopping bags will help to save precious resources and carbon footprint.

OnTHeList showroom, csptimes, sustainability tips

2) Adopt Mindful Shopping Habits

Avoid impulse spending – rethink before purchasing anything. Short-lived fashion trends are becoming less popular. Instead, a sustainable and mindful shopping habit should be to look for items that you know you are going to love for quite a while. You can also consider shopping during the clearance and sale period – this will not only save you money, but you are also contributing to having one less item that might end up at the landfill.

OnTHeList showroom, csptimes, sustainability tips

3) Shop With Brands That Have A Sustainability Vision

It is important that we support brands that have a sustainability vision and mindset, as every dollar you decide to pay to a brand, you are ultimately supporting and contributing to sustainability by making an influence to encourage other shoppers to do the same. Some questions you may consider include:

  • What is a sustainable company in your beliefs?

  • Do they have any sustainability certification, e.g. Certified B Corporation, Fair Trade, Cruelty-Free?

  • What are they doing to give back to the society and community, e.g. contributing to charity work?

  • Do they consider the environment in their business ethos, e.g. recycled materials in their packaging?

  • Are they integrating the circular economy into their business model, e.g. how do they reduce waste?

OnThelist, csptimes, sustainability tips

4) Consolidate Items In One Order To Save Carbon Footprint From Delivery And Packaging

In this day and age, online shopping is unavoidable, but we can always choose a sustainable option by consolidating as many items as possible into one order to save carbon footprint. Reducing the number of boxes and protective materials in delivery packages, and the number of deliveries required to your home, will help to save precious resources and carbon footprint.

OnTHeList showroom, csptimes, sustainability tips

5) Recycle And Reuse The Packaging As Much As Possible

After a delivery package has arrived, try to recycle and reuse the boxes and protective materials as much as possible! Always consider reuse before recycling, in particular, you can reuse the box for further storage, or even reuse the boxes and protective materials to send a package. It is common to see that packages and protective packaging are now made from single-use material to encourage recycling. Always remember to remove the tape and stickers, and flatten the boxes before you recycle them.

Delphine and Diego Dultzin, Co-founders of OnTheList, csptimes, top 5 tips , sustainability

Images provided by Delphine Lefay.

Delphine Lefay

Instagram: @delphinedultzin


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