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Rainforest Oxygen Rooms at K11 Musea’s THANN Wellness Zone

The hype of K11 Musea’s opening back in 2019 was nothing short of its high expectations—a cultural retail destination for all things arts, wellness and creativity. Opening up its second Hong Kong spa service location, THANN Wellness Zone is a renowned luxury Thai spa originating from Bangkok. We the newly-opened property to try the Ayurvedic Body Massage and Oxygen Foot Massage for a moment of bliss.

*THANN Wellness Zone applied PrimeShield Residual Antimicrobial Surface Protector, it provides long lasting 99.9% protection: Antimicrobial (kill virus, bacteria, fungi& spores) and kills H1N1 virus.


About THANN Sanctuary

Established in 2002, the THANN brand originated in Thailand and made its debut making natural skincare and haircare products using pure ingredients. It’s been voted as one of Top 55 Best Spas in the World by Condé Nast Traveler magazine—and understandably so. The whole experience at this wellness haven is ambient and calm, taking you away from work life, personal life and any stress on your mind. THANN has a property on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui as its flagship spa in Hong Kong.


The Serene Thai Spa in the Heart of K11 Musea

When you enter the THANN space, you first encounter the brand’s retail shop, a collection of their best-selling spa products for head-to-toe home therapy. The store is brightly lit—a contrast from what I was about to experience—showcasing a range for every skin type, scent preference and desired mental goal. Everywhere is clean and spotless and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. There’s even a workshop area where the spa hosts events and creative courses—the most recent, an aromatherapy anti-bacterial gel making class, very relevant to the current situation at the time. After a brief consultation and a cup of warm water, I was led to try my first treatment: the Oxygen Therapy Treatment with Foot Scrub and Foot Massage ($700HKD) for 45 minutes of sole healing.


Oxygen Massage in a Rainforest-Themed Room

The spa is dim-lit and peaceful, only the faint sounds of soothing tunes can be heard. I changed into THANN’s signature bathrobe and slippers and was led to the Oxygen Room, a new concept I haven't come across before—I was intrigued, and wasn’t disappointed.


THANN’s Oxygen Room, at first sight, is a display of rainforest-themed visuals, from the flamingo sculptures behind the glass to the faux plants embedded in the walls. The real motive, however, behind the name is the healthy pumping of fresh oxygen through the release of ozone molecules in the room. When in contact with contaminants, the ozone oxidises the negative substances such as door, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Cyanide (from cigarettes), Formaldehyde (from paint and furniture) and bacteria and reverts it back to oxygen—making it as clean and pure as possible during the treatment.



  1. Increases oxygen and stimulates blood circulation, reduces exhaustion, minor aches and pains

  2. Relieves fatigue from improper breathing and sleep disturbance

  3. Improves memory and concentration levels


The aim is to supply the body with oxygen to allow cells to inactivate bacteria and slow down the ageing process. It’s believed to also relieve fatigue from bad breathing habits and sleep disturbance—all leading to a desired better immune system. My therapist was very professional and evidently had her share of experience. The massage began with a foot bath and exfoliating scrub with rice bran and THANN Eden Breeze Body scrub to relax the feet with reflexology and massage. Throughout the foot massage, I was able to lay my head down and breathe in the cleansing air whilst having an ancient Chinese philosophy-inspired massage, focusing on my reflex points. I had been walking all day (and I have flat feet) so it left me feeling relieved and energised.


Abhyanga Body Massage

Next was the full-body Abhyanga massage, a 75-minute Ayurvedic experience ($1,280HKD), broken down into a 60-minute massage and 15-minute steam. My masseuse brought out a selection of aromatherapy oils to choose from—I chose the Aromatic Wood collection. I was taken to a different room for the massage and was taken aback by the generous private space I was about to unwind in. The room was spacious with its own sink area and shower/steam room, enough area to lounge and relax in.

Something I was very impressed with and delightfully surprised by was that everything in the room had been replaced with the aromatherapy oil scent I’d chosen—from the shower gel and shampoos to the hand wash and body cream, such an intimate touch. I asked for my massage to be medium and she was very gentle and firm in the right places, focusing on my shoulders and back, as my usual request. Ayurveda is based on the Indian concept, utilising friction, kneading, rubbing and marma (vital energy points) to bring the body back to its natural state.


This was the first time I’ve tried an Ayurveda massage and I really felt relieved from the attention to my most vital muscles and body parts, which were targeted with precision by my masseuse. I was also really satisfied with the scent I’d chosen and it helped me feel revitalised inside and out.


At the end of the hour-long massage, I entered the ready steam room for 15 minutes of self-reflection, which also helped to release Ama (toxins), improve Agni (digestive fire) and let go of tension and stress. I was given free time after to shower, wash my hair and use the glorious THANN products to freshen up and prepare myself for the rest of the day’s activities.


Natural Luxury Therapy Experience

The top-quality service and products at THANN Wellness Zone made my experience nothing short of a luxury hotel spa. I never felt rushed or pressured into moving to the next part of the massage—everything was done in my own time and pace, which I appreciated due to the long time I spent there. I’d definitely say the highlights were the Oxygen Room and its health benefits, as well as the spacious room for my massage which left me feeling completely at ease. I’d recommend trying a variety of treatments here, for a day of pampering away from city bustle for a self-indulgent relief from stress., THANN WELLNESS ZONE. Shop 209, Level 2, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 3188 0403 Insta: @thann_hk | Facebook: @ThannHK


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