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Realising Our New Central Harbourfront x AI Project with Henderson Land


There is no denying that this year marked the beginning of the age of Artificial Intelligence. In the rising era of generative AI, a fusion of technology and ecology takes centre stage as the world explores innovative ways to design for a sustainable future. Amid this dynamic landscape of change, the renowned Henderson Land Group launches the Realising Our New Central Harbourfront x AI Project to call for a revolutionisation of how we envision, create and nurture our urban and natural environments.

Realising Our New Central Harbourfront x AI Project is an open invitation to all those seeking to improve and innovate the cityscape, starting from the upcoming Central Waterfront promenade. Using Generative AI as their brush, participants embark on a creative journey, where they paint their vision of a sustainable future into this urban canvas. Participants are offered to view a blueprint from two different perspectives: an aerial base image and a fountain square base image, to enter command prompts to execute their design. These inspired creations are set to be shared, both online and offline, sparking conversations about our city's future. So, whether it's harnessing solar power along the harbour front, creating a verdant oasis amidst the city hustle, or infusing Hong Kong’s historic culture and art into the skyline, every pixel crafted, every command issued, is a brushstroke towards a sustainable future that awaits.

The exclusive blueprints for Site 3 New Central Harbourfront can be accessed through the campaign website. In addition, registering for the Henderson Land Wallet will entre you to a selection of luxurious benefits or AI workshops worth nearly HK$900,000 in total from more than 20 partnering groups.

For just the dining offers, there is a CulinArt 1862 two-course dinner set coupon worth HK$458; AMOUR Aesthetic RF LIFT Face Tightening Treatment (worth HK$1,280); a discounted set menu at room 3, a Japanese cocktail bar at H Zentre, priced at HK$388 (original price HK$618); a buy-three-get-one-free deal on a dinner menu at Arbor, H Queen's Michelin restaurant (a discount of HK$2,288).

The opportunity to sign up for AI Workshops organised by The Hong Kong Association of Youth Groups is offered on the weekends in October and November, where the workshops are dedicated to educating participants on the latest technology topics - ChatGPT and Generative A.I. - and learning about innovative text-to- visual tools like Midjourney.

The project itself will run from now until the 31st of October with special awards given out every two weeks to the most creative ideas submitted. To enter, participants are required to follow the Group’s Instagram @hendersonlandhk and share their designs on social media with a brief description of their vision of the future of the New Central Harbourfront.

Among the special prizes on offer are a one-night stay in a spa suite at The Mira Hong Kong with a buffet breakfast for two, a one-night accommodation in the Full Moon Room at Mira Moon Hotel with semi-buffet breakfast for two, a TGC x Little Twin Stars built-in hob worth more than HK$6,000, admission to AI smart workshop taught by a renowned architect and AI artist and more (terms and conditions apply).

Following the brand’s tagline ‘’Realising Your Imagination”, the new project is about innovation and utilisation of AI for the future. It calls for understanding and incorporating the power of AI to reshape the very earth beneath our feet, to transform the city’s concrete jungles into thriving green havens, and to pave the way for a greener future.

--- All imagery is provided by Henderson Land.


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