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Sat Hari On Launching God's True Cashmere with Brad Pitt & Expanding to Hong Kong with Joyce – Interview


Image courtesy of Guy Aroch

Cashmere possesses a unique ability to conjure instant nostalgia for many – a sensation perhaps rooted in its luxurious snugness, its unmatched softness, and the comforting embrace it offers. That's what God's True Cashmere aims to capture, a vision sparked by a vivid dream experienced by Sat Hari, the brainchild behind the brand. In her dream, Sat Hari found herself in the presence of her close friend, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, who made an unusual request: a gift of extraordinary significance – a green shirt crafted solely from cashmere. "Softness," Pitt articulated, "I need more softness in my life."

And so began Sat Hari's quest for the world's finest cashmere, and the subsequent launch of God's True Cashmere. We sat down with her during her trip to Hong Kong to talk about cashmere, quiet luxury and wellness:

1) What inspired you to launch God's True Cashmere with Joyce in Hong Kong?

I am very excited about being in Hong Kong, and specifically at Joyce. When we were first looking into expanding to Hong Kong, we quickly found out that Joyce is where people go to discover new and exciting brands. We realised that it was an energy we wanted to be a part of. Hong Kong has always been a key point of pioneering quiet luxury and luxury markets. It is important to us as a brand to share our story with the incredible market here. Overall, we are happy to be able to be a part of it in some way.

Images courtesy of God's True Cashmere

2) When was the first time you came across cashmere? How did it make you feel? 

My father had a cashmere sweater which I have really strong memories of. He wrapped me up in giant hugs of strength and softness and that sweater engulfed my senses filling me with his love, his scent, and his comfort in a way that I will never forget.

Image courtesy of God's True Cashmere

3) Could you share a bit about your Indian upbringing and how it influences the ethos and aesthetic of God's True Cashmere? 

India, to me, is a cornucopia of sensory experiences. The vibrant colours, materials, traditions, scenery, and cultures are immense in all ways. I have such gratitude to have experienced so much in my life and there is no doubt that this influenced my love of creating, colours, materials, and imbuing craftsmanship in the garments we make. The people of India have always welcomed me with a smile and a cup of tea in an incredible act of hospitality and service, offered regardless of any other factor. That experience created this aspect of my personality which is to share love through the act of service.

From the Lookbook | Image courtesy of God's True Cashmere

4) What are five things you can't travel without?

I absolutely can't travel without light cashmere cosiness, either a scarf or a blanket usually, as it lifts my spirits and helps me feel grounded. I bring essential oils; rose/geranium for my heart, head and feet to clear my energy and open my heart. I also bring my reading glasses which I just can't manage without for obvious reasons. As of late, I've been using my reflexology ball which I got from Alice Yuen who runs a clinic in Hong Kong. It's a life saver, especially on long flights. I also bring a bar of dark chocolate for a little sweetness on my journey.

Image courtesy of Guy Aroch

5) What do you love about what you do?

I love the experience of connecting and learning about the amazing people I get to meet and work with. I love to find ways to be of service to them and encourage the deepest possible level of healing and joy that they can find within themselves. In all of my work, this is something I've been able to make a part of what I do and honestly, it's what keeps me going through it all.


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