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Spices Restaurant: Exquisite Asian Gastronomy and Al Fresco Dining in the Southside of Hong Kong | Review

Outdoor terrace at Spices Restaurant
Image courtesy of Spices Restaurant

Nestled within the serene premises of The Repulse Bay lies Spices Restaurant, a popular dining destination that has been serving authentic and delicious Asian food since 1987. The beautiful outdoor terrace with ocean views provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying your meal, and a cocktail or two. We popped by to sample a few of their signature dishes and drinks.


The Space


Given The Repulse’s Bay heritage as a grand hotel in the 1920s, Spices Restaurant maintains a captivating colonial charm with an added touch of Asian luxury from the inspired use of natural materials such as bamboo, teak, rattan and stone. The interior was designed to emulate the ambiance of an Eastern spice market. As you step through the door, a balcony filled with shelves upon shelves jars of spices catches the eye, giving the restaurant a distinct look elevated with the high ceilings and sweeping arches.


The expansive outdoor terrace is equally as inviting, and perfect for large groups or an intimate date night. On a mild spring day with a slight breeze, we were seated at their lovely terrace overlooking Repulse Bay beach surrounded by greenery and other patrons indulging in a leisurely Sunday lunch.

Spices Restaurant exterior and man holding two cocktail drinks
Image (left) courtesy of Jasmin Woolf; Image (right) courtesy of Spices Restaurant

The Drinks


For alcohol lovers, the Southern Gardenia, a tropical concoction made with Plantation 3 Star White Rum, a fruity mix of guava, fig, lime and Pineau des Charentes, all wrapped up in a banana leaf, is a must-try. Alternatively, the Spices Swizzle cocktail, a tequila and mezcal-based drink infused with ancho chile and a dusting of cinnamon, is a fiery fusion of flavours that kept us coming back for more.


Spices Restaurant also offers a delightful array of mocktails. The Litchi-Berry Smash, a refreshing mix of litchi, apple and raspberry, is perfect for hot summer days. We also enjoyed the Blue Ocean drink, which blends butterfly pea flower, vanilla, pandan, coconut and pineapple in a dreamy blue concoction.


The Food


Our lunch menu was carefully selected to present the signature tastes of Spices Restaurant’s authentic Asian fare. We started with the crab and pomelo salad, a luxurious twist on the classic Thai pomelo salad with the addition of succulent pieces of crab meat. Next up were deep-fried prawn cakes, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and wagyu beef satay with an addictive peanut sauce.

Wagyu beef satay, deep fried prawn cakes, pomelo salad, tom yum soup
Images courtesy of Jasmin Woolf

Rounding off the appetisers was a bowl of spicy tom yum kung soup, a Thai classic. Having tried many a bowl of tom yum soup before, we had high expectations for Spices Restaurant’s version, and it did not disappoint. The soup was tangy, spicy, with a good depth of flavour from the shrimp, mushrooms and fresh herbs. It’s worth mentioning here that the spiciness levels of dishes can be adjusted according to preferences, so you can ask for a milder version if needed.

Butter chicken curry with garlic naan
Image courtesy of Spices Restaurant

For the main courses, our taste buds travelled to India. The makhani murgh butter chicken curry was a highlight. The tender chicken pieces are smothered in a creamy aromatic tomato-based sauce, perfectly paired with a side of garlic naan and steamed rice. The delicately spiced salmon tikka on a bed of grilled onions was cooked to perfection, and utterly moreish.

Luckily, we saved room for the grand finale — the Spices’ dessert platter, featuring a selection of their signature sweet treats, including sago pearls in pandan leaf, fresh mango sticky rice, rice flour layered cake, and coconut ice cream.


Upcoming Happenings


With the weather in Hong Kong warming up, it's the perfect time to enjoy Spices Restaurant’s al fresco venue. This spring, Spices Restaurant launched “Bayside Beats”, a new outdoor music series showcasing different musical stylings, from live jazz saxophone to hip DJ grooves every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.



Spices Restaurant, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong | +852 2292 2821


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