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Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Brands at VIPOP


With the rise of greenwashing and the persistent presence of fast fashion, it can be hard to find a company that truly lives up to its values. VIPOP is one such brand. With a mission to bring underrepresented Latin American brands to Asia, it also focuses on working with handcrafters that use sustainable and ethical practices, with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Bring Sustainable Latin American Fashion Brands to Asia

The all-female team which includes individuals from Ecuador, Iran and Hong Kong was founded by two Venezuelan women, Lenia Perez and Fabiana Gonzalez. They are focused on highlighting authentic artisanal products, working with brands and designers that are going above and beyond to subscribe to their values. This includes companies that are in the slow fashion space, for example Makara uses zero waste processes and recycled materials to create swimwear, or Amaré, which is the creation of a vegan plant-based designer who creates luxurious handbags and more from cactus leather.

They also carry Baobab – a Colombian swimwear brand that uses recycled ocean debris such as plastic and fishing nets which is created into iconic pieces and also plants a tree for every suit sold. Holistically, brands curated by VIPOP are also known to use organic or recycled materials, have local means of production, techniques and/or are carbon neutral.

Support Latinx Artisans and Crafts

VIPOP is committed to ethical and conscious fashion and works with brands that empower workers and preserve traditional artisanal practices. Armadillo Stores, is a fair trade and ethical enterprise that works with Kichwa artisans in remote regions of Ecuador creating stunning bags, ponchos and more by handcrafting and weaving the cabuya plant, a tedious crafting technique that is in danger of disappearing. Working directly with the weavers, many of whom live under poverty levels, to ensure that they are not only fairly compensated but are also able to keep this art alive.

Another such brand is Vattea, founded by two Columbian sisters which embodies the artisanal process, which each piece created with great detail and care while also representing their culture and folklore. They also employ people from the community, disenfranchised folk such as mothers who are heads of families, people with mild disabilities and former inmates. Using high quality materials; bronze, 24-carat gold and cotton thread in traditional colours, they are able to capture the warmth and strength of Latin women.

Find VIPOP at Artezano

Bringing together these brands and stories under one roof, Artezano provides a home for VIPOP in Hong Kong. This concept store is both a boutique and a café, bringing Latin American brands right to your doorstep. You will be greeted by an always smiling staff (including the founders themselves occasionally), and will have a chance to immerse in the experience.

As you are browsing their stunning clothing and jewellery selection, you can ask head chef Agnes Lessa, who herself is of Brazilian origins, to whip up one of her many incredible creations. Must-tries include the Grilled Cheese. While all are delicious, the balsamic and bourbon caramelized onion and sun-dried tomatoes are not to be missed. Top that with a nice cup of coffee and a sunny day, and it’s like you’ve been transported to South America.

VIPOP at Artezano, 52 – 54 Graham Street, G/Floor,


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