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The Bernice Liu Christmas Gift Guide


Actress, entrepreneur and wine connoisseur Bernice Liu recommends to us her top gifts and more. Read our full interview with Bernice. Christmas Bundles

Every month there are two packages to satisfy the wine lovers of Hong Kong. One is priced at $998HKD and the other is $499HKD to satisfy those with different budgets. As a bonus for the Christmas season, we will offer a few more special packages all done by the local merchants who make up the! Check it out!

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An Automatic Wine Opener

So you can spend more time celebrating and not fuss with the corks!

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A Bottle of Limited Production Bellavizio

For those wine connoisseur friends who appreciate bespoke wines made by me!

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A Cute Unisex T-shirt

For those Secret Santa parties!

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A Reusable Tote Bag

As your contribution to stopping using plastic bags for ur everyday use! Let’s all do our part to make the world a more sustainable one :)

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Wine Glass Markers

So your guests don’t have to worry about drinking out of the wrong glass!

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A Dinner Certificate

To support the many local restaurants that will feature great holiday season menus! Support the local F&B industry and enjoy a great night out!

Spa Treatment Vouchers

These are always appreciated especially with the past two years of covid-stress!

A Nice Bottle of Wine!

Hong Kong is such a great place to explore wine because we have no tax, and this is always a great gift when you are the guest to a dinner party :)

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A Staycation Package

These are great gifts for your couple friends. With travel restrictions, just getting out of the house for a day or two can be the best present you could gift them!

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Donate to Charity!

All charities are worth supporting and I would like to shed a light on the Children’s Catastrophic Disease Foundation of Hong Kong.

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