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The Best Fitness Classes in Hong Kong To Get Your Sweat On

When it comes to fitness, the best form of exercise is the one you actually do. It’s pointless signing up for a running club or HIIT (high intensity interval training) session when actually you really prefer a more low-intensity class like pilates. You’ll go a few times, then give up on exercising entirely. Instead, pick a workout you’re going to love, and more importantly, that you’ll be able to stick with in the long run. Luckily, Hong Kong has an ever-growing number of gyms and fitness studios offering hundreds of fun and effective fitness classes, ranging from barre and dance-inspired Zumba classes to targeted strength training classes and fat-busting cardio blasts. Whether you’re looking to shift a few pounds, beat your PB or just find something that you’ll actually enjoy, take a look at our selection of the best expert-led classes will help you make fitness a regular habit once and for all.

All imagery courtesy of respective studios.


Holistic Functional Classes at XYZ

XYZ is renowned for its high-energy spin classes in Hong Kong, but they also offer a variety of functional workout classes in its Mycelium room, including HIIT, yoga, and strength training. The Booty class is said to transform glutes with a dynamic blend of exercises and rhythmic movements that lift, tone, and sculpt your booty, while Burn class combines resistance bands, ankle weights, and ab sliders for innovative challenges that encourages you to push your limits as you move to the beat. We love the state-of-the-art facilities and supportive community will keep you motivated as you push your limits, it’s no wonder XYZ’s functional classes is a firm favourite amongst many in the city!

Address: 12/F, China Building, 29 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone number: +852 2865 0999 | Email: | Instagram: @youarexyz |

Facebook: @youarexyz


Flex Studio’s Mind-Body Workouts

If you’re looking for something that’s low impact on the joints but will still raise your heart rate, Flex Studio specializes in mind-body practices, including yoga, pilates, and barre workouts. Flex Studio's emphasis on proper form and alignment ensures a safe and effective workout experience no matter your experience level. Additionally, the classical Pilates classes incorporate different equipment and exercises, including a course designed for kids and teens, as well as pre- and post-natal participants.

Address: Multiple locations across Hong Kong | Website:  | Phone number: +852 2813 2212 | Email: | Instagram: @FlexStudioHk | Facebook: @FlexStudioHk

A 45-Minute Sweat Fest at F45

F45 has gained immense popularity worldwide for its bootcamp-style 45-minute classes, and its studios in Hong Kong are no exception. F45 combines functional training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to deliver a challenging and results-driven workout, designed to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness levels. F45's dynamic and ever-changing workouts, led by motivating trainers, make each session exciting and engaging. Don’t get put off if you’re not sure how to use the equipment or do all the moves in your first class. The trainers are all really friendly and happy to help, and you’ll slowly start getting the hang of it once you’ve done a few classes.

Address: Multiple locations across Hong Kong | Website: | Phone number: +852 2865 0999 | Email: | Instagram: @F45_training | Facebook: @F45FunctionalTraining

Warrior Hong Kong’s Martial Arts Classes

Warrior Hong Kong offers a unique fitness experience with its Muay Thai, boxing and bootcamp style strength and conditioning classes catering to all levels from beginners to passionate enthusiasts and seasoned fighters. Best of all, the supportive and inclusive community at Warrior Hong Kong encourages personal growth and fosters a sense of discipline and determination.

Address: 19/F, 8 Russel Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong | Website: |

Phone number: +852 2512 2262 | Email: | Instagram: @Warrior.hongkong | Facebook: @Warriorhongkong

WeBarre – Ballet, Pilates and Strength Training in One

Want a workout that celebrities such as Madonna, the Victoria Secret’s Angels and even Ryan Gosling swears by? Try Barre, an exercise regimen combining of ballet, pilates and strength training! No dance experience or tutus are required at this invigorating full-body workout that will transform your posture and physique. If you’re trying it for the first time, check out WeBarre’s Fundamentals class which serves as an introduction to barre and is less intense (but will still make you work up a sweat).

Address: 23F, Tin On Shing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong |

Website: | Phone number: +852 2310 0008 | Email: |

Instagram: @Webarrehk | Facebook: @Webarrehk



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