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The Best Kombucha Brands in Hong Kong


Sweet, sour and fizzy, kombucha is a refreshing drink that is said to support the immune system, aid probiotics and act as an antioxidant. For those who have never heard of this healthy beverage, it is a naturally fermented fizzy tea that dates to the early 200 B.C. in China and gained its fame in Europe in the early 20th century. It is made with only three simple ingredients: yeast, sugar and tea. The mixture develops a taste of sourness from the fermentation of bacteria and acids, better known as the SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). So, if you're looking for local kombucha in Hong Kong, look no further.

Photo: Taboocha


Taking the culture of kombucha to the next level, Taboocha kicked off the trend with the first kombucha brewery in Hong Kong. The brand launched when sisters, Lisa and Patricia, learned the ‘magic’ of kombucha from their friends when Lisa suffered from poor digestion. Ingredients for the drink and artwork for the packaging are sourced locally. Brewed with 100% plant-based ingredients, it offers a wide range of flavours ranging from lychee rose, and snow chrysanthemum black tea to goji berry ginger green tea. Taboocha also recycles its packaging and donates HK$1 to dog charities for every returned bottle.

Website: | Instagram: @taboocha | Facebook: @taboocha

On the Wagon
Photo: On the Wagon

On the Wagon

For a fresh and natural kombucha, On the Wagon makes its batches in Kennedy Town. It all started from founders Ash and Alvin's humble home. With all-natural ingredients, you can find four flavours of kombucha from different tea bases: Assam and darjeeling, hojicha roasted green tea, jasmine green tea, and blue earl grey; with fruity, floral or honey notes. The refreshing probiotic drinks are all produced in bottles made to be collected, sanitised and reused, returned through stores or via your next delivery!

Website: | Instagram: | Facebook: @On The Wagon Kombucha

Photo: Fixie


Fixie is a kombucha company that was founded initially during the Hong Kong lockdown. It aims to relieve stress and improve health naturally, with its three kombucha flavours, comprising herbs, berries and ginger as its key ingredients. Available in stores at Locofama in sai ying pun or through home delivery, the hand-crafted kombuchas are brewed to aid your mental and physical health. They also give back $10 for every bottle returns!

Website: | Instagram: | Facebook: | Pinterest: @Fixie Kombucha

Photo: Alive


Alive is a Hong Kong-based healthfood brand that offers baked goods, condiments and of course, kombucha in its offerings. Its kombucha is brewed from the mix of organic black or green tea, raw cane sugar and the SCOBY is then left to ferment for 1-4 weeks and infused with superfood cold-pressed juice to produce the low-calorie sweet and sour drink. Using no preservatives, additives or chemicals, Alive offers five kombucha flavours to choose from: grapefruit rose, lemon ginger, blueberry basil, pineapple chilli, and red dragon lemongrass for you to pair with their delightful homemade sourdough bread.

Website: | Instagram: @alivefoodco | Facebook: @alivefoodco

Kuppa Kombucha
Photo: Kuppa Kombucha

Kuppa Kombucha

The story of Kuppa Kombucha began in 2020, thought up by a group of guys who used to work in cafes and restaurants. All cans contain less than 28 calories and is naturally sugar-free with a nine-month shelf life, unlike some kombuchas which require drinking within days of purchasing. Currently available in 100+ venues around Hong Kong, the company offers different flavours: original, lychee and ginger, and strawberry and Szechuan pepper flavours for those looking for a kick. The sparkling tea is also available for free delivery across Hong Kong.

Website: | Instagram: @kuppa_kombucha

Kushta HK

For a custom-brewed kombucha flavour, try DMing Kushta HK on Instagram! The company offers different flavours of kombucha to cool down from the hot summer: fruity, herbal, spicy, floral... and they mix and match the ingredients just for you. Currently operating on Instagram, Kushta HK sends out monthly batches of beverages to energise bodies and to boost immunities not just with kombucha, but Jamu tonic and nut/seed milks as well.

Instagram: @kushtahk


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