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The Best Premium Online Grocery Delivery Services in Hong Kong


Elevate home cooking and dinner gatherings with these premium online grocery delivery services—delivered directly to your door.

Best for: South African biltong, charcuterie and BBQ meats

If you’ve ever been to South Africa, you’d know that one of the region’s most well-loved specialties is the binge-worthy biltong. Made using South African air-dried, grass-fed beef, lamb and game, Biltong Chief is an online butcher, serving favourites ranging from biltong and charcuterie to barbecue sausages. The meat champions have everything you need for your next group gathering. Shop online or head to CHIEF'S BLEND, Hong Kong's first biltong bar – yes, we are as intrigued as you are.

Best for: premium Lebanese olive oil

Stock your pantry with fine olive oil from Zeitouna, which hand-picks its olives, cold presses them, then bottles them without any added preservatives. Every product is made in Lebanon, the birthplace of olive oil curation. Hailed for its healthy benefits, the aromatic oil is a great alternative to other substances like butter, and caters to a home-cooked, hearty lifestyle. Put together some wine and cheese, and of course, some quality bread to dip into the indulgent oil. Enjoy it best with friends and family.

Best for: affordable, premium cheese

Hong Kong’s premium Cheese Club comes from a unique and humble story, founded by a French entrepreneur in the city realised that there was a huge demand for quality European-priced cheeses. Within less than a year of formulating, the brand expanded and became the biggest importer and distributor of premium cheese in the city, serving the finest selection from top-notch European farmers and artisans. Every month, you can choose from its excellent array of cheeses then arriving fresh at your door.

Best for: fresh fruits and veggies

WHAT’sIN specialises in bringing organic farm-to-table goodies from France and Western Europe. Offering seasonal, fresh, and affordable fruits and vegetables sourced from the best farmers, the brand organises its supply directly from farmers to its customers at one of the most affordable rates for food of the same standard in the city. Each box arrives with eco-friendly packaging to minimise the use of plastics and is replaced with recyclable materials. What's more, it's on track to compensate its logistics carbon footprint from the sites where products are sourced in Europe to your doorstep in Hong Kong. Surpluses are donated to local charities.

Best for: spices, herbs, seasonings

With a history that dates back to 1951, Regency Spices is a family-owned business that transports aromatic Indian spices from its homeland, abroad. Now the specialty grocery store continues to lead in the industry, offering loyal and new customers a vast selection of spices, herbs, seasonings and more, to uplift your cooking methods. Not sure where to start? Regency Spices features a variety of free, online recipes for inspiration.

Best for: top-notch steaks and cakes

Butler started from catering intimate, luxurious events, to bigger parties, accumulating experience from high-end clients including designer fashion and watch brands. The brand also launched its online store for a direct-to-customer service, offering premium groceries, from the infamous Bailey’s Cake to the finest Wagyu meat, supplying individuals domestically with a magnitude of cordon bleu at home.

Best for: Swiss gourmet bread

“Welcome to bread heaven” is the slogan for hkBREADBOX, founded by Swiss baking experts based in Hong Kong. The brand was founded upon the need for quality bread which can be difficult to source in the humidity and local style of baked goods. Whilst we love our Hong Kong local bakeries, sometimes getting scrumptious European-style bread does the trick. Sourcing its bread from a Swiss gourmet bread expert, hkBREADBOX is delivered frozen and comes with simple instructions on how to bake it properly so it’s fresh from the oven.

Best for: sustainable, sashimi-grade certified seafood

Deemed as an avant-garde French seafood brand, Hong Kong-based Qwehli is a premium grocer approved and used by over 1,500 chefs in 25 countries. There is full traceability from sea to plate, and sushi lovers will be happy to hear that all the products are sashimi-grade certified. Sustainability is at the core of the brand, ensuring that fishing methods minimise impact on the environment and that fish are sourced based on season to ensure freshness and great taste. Try the products—which are sourced Europewide to Lorient, the second fishing port in France—for fresh sea-to-table cuisine.

Best for: eco-friendly New Zealand produce

Blissful New Zealand is known for its worldwide reputation as a clean, unspoiled environment. Thus, its ability to grow pure and fresh produce makes it a reliable brand for the modern home chef—beginner or not. Eat The Kiwi scours the country for the best ingredients and products and delivers them to your Hong Kong doorstep, in recyclable/biodegradable insulating wool cool lining and ice packs to keep things frosty fresh when they arrive.

Best for: indulgent truffles and caviar

Sourcing its products from France, Plantin Kaviari by Gourmet en Provence was born from the merging of two premium brands—Plantin, for truffles run by the Poron family, and Kaviari, for caviar, run by the Nebot family and Raphael Bouchez. With a shared passion for the culinary craft, tradition, and quality foods, Plantin Kaviari by Gourmet en Provence distributes the finest food brands to chefs and indulgent food lovers.

Best for: sustainable, port-to-plate premium seafood

Celebrating over ten years of sourcing and distributing sustainable seafood, M&C ASIA – Hong Kong’s modern fishmonger – continues to serve home cooks, world-class hotels, and Michelin-starred restaurants across Hong Kong and Macau at its online grocery store. Founded by long-term friends and gourmands, Morgan Cousin and César De Sainte Maresville, the brand delivers the freshest, most premium seafood, with varieties ranging from blue lobster to monkfish cheeks.

Best for: homemade sauces made by 208 Duecento Otto’s Chef Zeno

Those familiar with 208 Duecento Otto—Hong Kong’s premium pizza parlour—would know that Chef Zeno Bevilacqua (the head chef of the restaurant) is a master at Italian dishes. Now the co-founder of Tipico Italian Grocer, an online Italian grocery store, Bevilacqua curates authentic, everyday ingredients that are typical to everyday Italian life, into the Hong Kong kitchens.


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