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The Steak House At Regent Hong Kong Launches Its 'Farm to Fork: Artisan Beef Discovery' Menu


All images courtesy of Regent Hong Kong.

The Steak House has long been a fixture in Hong Kong's culinary scene, and since Regent was relaunched last year, it's brought back a crowd of long-time loyalists and a new influx of a young, hip crowd too. This season, it's launched an exquisite Farm to Fork: Artisan Beef Discovery menu, elevating the steak experience to new highs.

The culinary experience commences with a tantalising prelude of seafood delights. The King Crab Salad and Caviar, crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, followed by the Pan Seared Scallop, adorned with Topinambur chips and delicate hazelnuts, are a decadent – and delicious – way to start the meal.

But it is with the main course that The Steak House truly shines. Presented with flair and finesse, the Butcher Board unveils a triumvirate of beef cuts sourced from around the globe: the Spanish Cazurra Farrm Dry Aged Tenderloin, the Korean Hanwoo 1++ Sirloin, and the Australian Mayura Farm M9+ Flat Iron. Moroccan chef Amine Errkhis comes out to introduce us the meats, explaining where they come from and how they are prepared, before they are cooked.

The Spanish Cazurra Farm dry aged beef, a rare gem exclusive to The Steak House, is a revelation of taste and texture. The result of a meticulous aging process, it boasts a perfect balance of tenderness and depth of flavour, complemented by an exquisite aged balsamic that adds a subtle smokiness to the ensemble.

Meanwhile, the Korean Hanwoo beef features remarkable marbling, elevated to new heights when served with Japan's finest Wasabi. And the Mayura Flat Iron cut, paired with legendary violet mustard, is a testament to the chef's quest for the extraordinary, unveiling a captivating purple hue that delights both the eyes and the palate.

No culinary journey would be complete without a grand finale, and The Steak House delivers with a Hong Kong-inspired twist on dessert. The 70% Smokey Chocolaterie de l'Opera, a velvety Chocolate Fondant accompanied by milk tea ice cream, is a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable dining experience—a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation that embodies the essence of Hong Kong.

Throughout the evening, guests are guided by an attentive and knowledgeable service team, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience is nothing short of perfection. From the curated selection of wines, expertly chosen by sommelier Kelvin Yeung, to the bespoke artisanal knives that accompany each course, every detail is meticulously orchestrated to delight and surprise.

The Farm to Fork: Artisan Beef Discovery menu at The Steak House is a culinary masterpiece, standing out as one of the city's finest, if not the finest.

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