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Acqua Restaurant Offers a Slice of Italian Fine Dining in Phuket, Thailand | Review


Travellers don’t just visit Thailand for its picturesque nature and spectacular cultural attractions. For many years, people from all over the world flock to Thailand to sample the country’s delectable food, which ranges from authentic street food to the finest international cuisine.

The long-running Acqua Restaurant Phuket is one such treasure that has brought a touch of Italian sophistication to Phuket island since it opened in 2009. The restaurant’s elegant interiors, innovative Italian cuisine elevated with modern cooking techniques and impeccable service has earned Acqua Restaurant Phuket a reputation for being one of the top fine dining restaurants in the country. During our visit to Phuket, we visit Acqua Restaurant to see what all the fuss is about.

Image courtesy of Acqua Restaurant

The Space

Acqua Restaurant Phuket is conveniently situated near many hotels roughly 10 minutes away from Patong, overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Upon entering the restaurant, you can’t help but be immediately struck by the sleek black and white décor. It’s futuristic, yet classy, spacious, yet intimate. Throw in that stunning ocean view, and you’ve got a winning spot for a romantic dinner or celebratory meal with friends.

Image courtesy of Acqua Restaurant

The Drinks

Wine lovers will be pleased to hear that Acqua Restaurant Phuket has one of the most extensive wine lists in Phuket, featuring both Italian and international selections. We enormously enjoyed the wine pairing expertly chosen by the in-house sommeliers. Every glass was perfectly matched to the dish, enhancing the entire experience.

All images courtesy of Jasmin Woolf

The Food

Now onto the best part, the food. The menu at Acqua Restaurant Phuket blends authentic Italian recipes with contemporary cooking techniques and premium produce. Each dish is rich in heritage and packed with flavour, but also has a distinctive flair that leaves you wanting more.

We started with the bread basket, a delightful assortment of sourdough bread, focaccia, ciabatta and more, paired with the classic combination of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and chef’s snacks selection to whet the appetite.

Next up, a crudo of Sicilian red prawns and Japanese Amaebi prawns served with fish eggs, sea urchin sauce, squid ink and sea asparagus oil. The sweet prawns and rich creamy uni sauce were simply a match made in heaven, elevated with a herbaceous touch of the sea asparagus oil.

Image courtesy of Acqua Restaurant

One of the standout dishes was the squid tagliatelle marinated with mint and extra virgin olive oil, Siberian caviar and cucamelon. The delicate strands of squid glistened in the light, perfectly cooked with a clean, refreshing flavour and pleasantly firm, chewy texture. The mint adds a subtle yet vibrant note, whilst the Siberian caviar adds a touch of salty complexity.

The last of the cold appetisers was a visually stunning Sardinian smoked eel, served with a vibrant mix of pickled vegetables in a sweet and sour white balsamic vinegar sauce. The interplay of smoky, tangy, and sweet flavours, along with the contrasting textures, made it a dish to remember.

The first main course, and my personal favourite from the menu, was the seasonal wild mushroom risotto with foie gras and snails inspired by the chef foraging for mushrooms and snails with his father in the Italian countryside on a rainy day. Every bite was creamy, warming and filled with umami. The next course was even more decadent. The Burrata stuffed tortelli topped with wagyu beef cheeks ragout sous vide for 72 hours and shavings of fresh black truffle, served alongside a creamy Parmigiano Reggiano fondue and 25 years aged Balsamico di Modena is a standout.

For the final savoury course, diners have a choice between wood-fired roasted suckling pig with saffron and violette potatoes, broad beans and sugar peas, and pan-fried Mediterranean red mullet buffalo mozzarella sauce, Taggiasche olives, Italian tomato datterino, Sicilian capers and oregano from Pantelleria island.

The menu was rounded off with a "Fior di Latte" Milk semifreddo, foam, gelatin, sauce and gelato, born from the chef’s childhood memories of eating milk ice cream. The light and delicate interplay of textures and flavours plays on the tongue, forming a wonderful conclusion to the meal.

Although we didn’t have the stomach space to try the pizza this time, there were many other tables around us enjoying Acqua Restaurant Phuket’s wood-fired gourmet pizza.

Image courtesy of Acqua Restaurant


Acqua Restaurant Phuket is a culinary gem that should not be missed if you’re in Phuket. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply a connoisseur of Italian cuisine, we recommend giving this a try.

One other thing to note was that the service at Acqua Restaurant Phuket was exceptional. The staff members were attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about their food and wine. They patiently guided us through the menu, offering recommendations and ensuring that every need was met. The attention to detail and warm hospitality truly made the entire dining experience one for the books.


Acqua Restaurant Phuket

Location: 324/15 Prabaramee Road, Kalim Bay - Patong – Kathu, 83150 Phuket, Thailand | Phone: +66 076 618127 | Instagram: @acquarestaurantphuket | Facebook: @acqua.phuket | Website: 


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