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EstheClinic Hong Kong: Intense Glow - Face Brightening Treatment



EstheClinic, a revolutionary beauty clinic in Hong Kong, merges medical expertise, advanced technologies, and cosmeceuticals to offer pain-free, non-invasive, and highly effective aesthetic treatments. Originating in Paris over 20 years ago, the award-winning clinic was founded by physicians Dr Boutboul and Dr Leone and is now in the bustling city under the helm of Solène Verrot and Léo. EstheClinic provides the Parisian experience with high standards and remarkable results through cutting-edge equipment from its respected French laboratory BVA Technology. Today, let us walk you through one of its signature treatments: Intense Glow- Face Brightening Treatment.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

EstheClinic's Intense Glow aims to revive the youthful radiance dimmed by the intense sunlight in Hong Kong. This pain-free and efficient treatment yields visible brightening after just one session. Addressing issues like uneven skin tones, dark spots, and lackluster skin caused by intense UV exposure, it offers a result-driven solution.

Through a carefully curated combination of EstheClinic's proud and patented MacPeel IPL (Intense Pulsed Light or photorejuvenation) technology and LED light therapy, the Intense Glow rewinds the time on your skin's glow. The MacPeel IPL technology emits light taves absorbed by the pigment, inducing its fragmentation, to lighten melanin and tghten pores for a smoother and light skin tone. This is then followed by LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy combines red and yellow light to gently prompt skin repair and boost collagen production. This replenishment of collagen results in a rejuvenating, anti-aging impact, addressing dry and sagging skin. The calming hues of light waves establish a tranquil atmosphere, providing an ideal setting for relaxation and perhaps even a journey into dreamland while your skin undergoes its revitalizing process.

Crafted for a tranquil experience, the treatment prioritises your comfort. During IPL, safeguarded by goggles, your skin receives a cooling gel, and although a mild warmth may be sensed on the most delicate areas, the process is pain-free. In LED photomodulation, wearing goggles, you can unwind while the gentle red and yellow lights perform their magic, ensuring a completely painless and non-invasive experience.

For the first-timers that may feel lost in this self-love beauty journey, EstheClinic welcomes you with a complimentary initial consultation to properly address all your queries. A skilled consultant, post-listening to your concerns and expectations, conducts a clinical examination. Based on this, a personalised facial treatment plan is devised, potentially incorporating various aesthetic treatments.


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