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Marshall Woburn II Review: A Big, Bold & Beautiful Speaker That Brings Concert-Level Quality Home

The moon hangs high up in the dark night and you are cooking a delicious dinner for yourself in the comfort of your kitchen. In the background, you listen to the beats of your favourite songs as you dance from side to side. Music is the soundtrack to many of our daily lives.

Music can easily switch up our moods – from a sad song on a bleak day to an upbeat song out in the sunshine. Either way, you want to make sure it sounds good, because quality can make all the difference. Marshall, a brand that has been favoured by the world's greatest rock stars from Jimi Hendrix and Slash to Muse and Gorillaz, is one that many fans can count on for premium-level sound quality. Depending on what you're looking for, the British label can cater to every music lover and has a range of products that include bestsellers like the water-resistant portable Willen speaker and the active noise-cancelling Monitor II ANC headphones.

But for the ultimate home indulgence, the grand Marshall Woburn II speaker is designed to replicate a live music scene in any room it sits in. Priced at HK$4,999, this giant beauty brings a concert-level experience to your room. It's the companion for a Friday night with friends, sipping drinks and catching up on the weeks you’ve missed; it is the throwback karaoke assistance to your shower singing; it is the live Bossa performance in your workspace; it is even the tool to cinematic streaming of your movie marathon.


The Marshall Woburn II is the largest speaker from Marshall and its exterior is a beautiful design of refined, simple luxury. Featuring Marshall’s iconic golden logo embezzled at the centre of the textured vinyl covering and salt and pepper fret, the device is framed with wood for a classic look. The brass plate at the front of the speaker humbly displays the brand’s rich heritage with an etching of the brand’s founding year – 1962.


The presence of Marshall Woburn II is equal to the power of live music. The speaker is designed with two 1" tweeters and dual 5.25" subwoofers which are individually powered by class D amps for a total of 110 watts of power. With clean high trebles, resonating low bass and beautiful mid-range notes, every moment of the music are produced for the highest quality. To note, the wooden frame construction gives a warm hug-like presence to create natural sounds and the addition of a port amplifies the bass reflex system.

Bluetooth & Wired Connectivity

Feel free to change the music wherever you are in your house. While the Marshall Woburn II sits elegantly in your living room corner, it consistently brings immediate and powerful live music to you. Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX allow wireless connection for you to wander up to 30 feet (10 metres) within the speaker. The two Bluetooth device functions for two hosts to control the music of the room so you can switch up the playlist/mood.

What’s more, is that with the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analogue control panel at the top of the speaker, you can fine-tune the music to match your mood. The app is installed with EQ presets, set up stereo and ambient modes to adjust the glowing LED lights at the top panel. The experience is customisable and never has to be or stay the same!

Or, with an RCA or 3.5 mm input, you can get a different vibe by playing through a cassette deck and turntable. For a nostalgic and luxurious mood, connect your turntable and Marshall Woburn II to play with your collection of vinyl against the ambience of soft LED lights. There is no limit to its performance!


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