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Where to Eat in Surry Hills, Sydney


Sydney boasts an abundance of exceptional dining experiences and among these, Surry Hills stands out as a must-visit neighbourhood for food enthusiasts. Here are six restaurants worth trying in Surry Hills, Sydney:

Image courtesy of Phoebe Kwan | CSP Times


For Sydney locals, Nomad embodies an institution renowned for its culinary prowess, nestled within the rustic confines of a converted warehouse, not far from Central Station. Indulge in the tantalising flavours of contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine, exemplified by dishes like the Baharat-spiced cauliflower, skillfully paired with Nomad's signature furikake and salsa verde. Delight in the perfectly wood-fired spatchcock, accompanied by the traditional Toum sauce, offering a harmonious balance without overwhelming the palate. Make sure to leave room for the highlight: the Olive Oil Ice Cream Sandwich with halva, pistachio and honey, reminiscent of the delectable baklava. To complement your meal, their beverage list showcases the finest offerings from up-and-coming Australian to international producers, each thoughtfully curated to accompany the menu with a focus on sustainability and organic sourcing. The restaurant's bustling atmosphere, even on a Tuesday evening, speaks volumes to the inviting ambience cultivated by Nomad.

Address: 16 Foster St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 | Website:  | Phone: (02) 9280 3395 | Email: | Instagram:| Facebook:

Image courtesy of Phoebe Kwan | CSP Times


Conveniently situated just down the road in a secluded alleyway not far from Nomad, you'll find their newer establishment, Beau, offering a contemporary Australian dining experience. The ambience exudes luxury and intimacy with its dimly lit setting, while service remains friendly and attentive. Highlights from the menu include the unforgettable Bread and Butter starter, a true testament to the restaurant when even the simplest dish leaves a lasting impression. Indulge in delights like the Roasted Haloumi with Sour Quince and Urfa Pepper, a delightful fusion of salty and sour flavours, or savor the Spanner Crab & Sweetcorn Pie Tee. Much like Nomad, Beau boasts an extensive wine list and cocktails, including one called "Dopamine" with calvados, dark rum, Maurin Quina Le Pay, papaya, and citrus, perhaps the perfect remedy to shake off the Monday after-work blues. Much like Nomad, Beau's commitment to culinary innovation and dedication to fresh, quality local produce offers an elegant dining experience on Sydney's city fringe.

Address: 1 Fracks Lane, Surry Hills NSW 2010 | Website:  | Phone: (02) 9280 3395  | Email: | Instagram:| Facebook: @beau.syd

Image courtesy of Phoebe Kwan | CSP Times


Visiting Toei, a new restaurant that opened earlier this year, promises a delightful culinary experience, fusing Asian flavours with a fun, contemporary Australian twist. Run by head chef Kevin Jeon, the tasting menu, a true highlight of their offerings showcases what Toei does best. Savour in the stunning seared Hokkaido scallop, the house milk bread complemented with caramelised soybean butter, and relish the delicately cured kingfish served on a black sesame rice cracker. The experience continues on with a succulent Angus hanger steak perfectly complemented with the roasted broccolini, culminating in a refreshing raspberry sorbet for a balanced finish. Toei's creative approach and exquisite dishes make it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Address: Shop 1 & 2 185 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 | Website:   | Phone: 0466 879 265 | Email: | Instagram: @toei.surryhills

Image courtesy of Phoebe Kwan | CSP Times


Nour offers a modern Middle Eastern and Lebanese dining experience, reimagined for contemporary tastes. The menu boasts an array of innovative dishes, such as the flavourful chicken bits shawarma and the raw bluefin tuna with caramelised kishk. Delight in the smokey woodfired eggplant and richly spiced beef short rib with durra and black lime alongside a fresh fattoush salad. The desserts are a must try, including their signature woodfired coconut basbousa served with fenugreek custard and jersey milk ice cream, or the indulgent banana masoub with chocolate and macadamia. Don't miss one of their most popular signature cocktails: the Tamuru Passion, blending vodka, passionfruit, elderflower, tamarind and blood orange granita. The restaurant's modern yet cosy interiors create an inviting ambience that makes it the perfect place for after-work dinner or a special occasion, while the wait staff are attentive without being overbearing. Nour's blend of tradition and modernity creates an unforgettable dining experience that is sure to offer something unique to every palate.

Address: Shop 3, 490 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 | Website: | Phone: (02) 9331 3413 | Email: | Instagram: @nourrestaurant |

Image courtesy of Phoebe Kwan | CSP Times

Ito Restaurant

Looking for a vibrant neighbourhood Japanese-style Izakaya that skillfully blends tradition with creativity? Look no further than Ito, a hip, buzzing two storey restaurant on the main street of Surry Hills. The menu features a refined selection of dishes, including the 16-piece sashimi platter, Wagyu tartare with Jerusalem artichokes and onion soy and succulent pork cutlet accompanied by karashi fig jam and radicchio. Enjoy the shio kombu bread with cultured butter, and don't skip on one of their most popular dishes: prawn and scallop ravioli and duck noodles with leek and shisho. Run by ex-Nobu chef Erik Ortolani, Ito playfully mixes Japanese and Italian cuisine and the weeknight crowds are a testament to fusion done well. The warm wooden furniture and dim lighting create a cosy atmosphere that overlooks the vibrant streets of Surry Hills. For those wanting to try something fresh and innovative in the Surry Hills dining scene, Ito is not to be missed. Address: 413-415 Crown Street, Surry Hills, 2010 | Website: | Phone: (02) 8399 3679 | Email: | Instagram: @itorestaurant

Image courtesy of Phoebe Kwan | CSP Times


Henrietta in Surry Hills offers an upscale casual dining experience that marries traditional charcoal-grilled Lebanese cuisine with modern Australian flair. They offer a takeaway window for those on the go. However, for those looking to enjoy the lively atmosphere, the restaurant is comfortable, transforming the typically casual charcoal chicken experience into something more refined. Of course you can't go past their signature charcoal chicken, served with traditional toum, pickles and bread. The charcoal corn ribs, topped with shanklish and fermented chilli are a stand-out side dish. Don't miss the haloumi with honey, pistachio and grapes, where the sweetness beautifully balances the saltiness of the cheese. The pearl cous cous, recommended by the waitress is subtly sweet and fresh, providing a nice refresher between bites of smokey chicken. For drinks, we enjoyed the mandarin fizz cocktail and the bloody shiraz gin spritz, which had lovely notes of Davidson plum for those who prefer a deeper flavour. For those craving the flavours of charcoal chicken in a refined and elevated space, look no further than Henrietta for your next outing.

Address: Shop 1/500 Crown Street, Surry Hills, 2010 | Website:  | Phone: (02) 9380 7247 | Email: | Instagram: @henrietta.chicken|


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