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The Ultimate Hong Kong BBQ Guide


For those looking to satisfy your charred and smoky cravings with some delicious barbeques, it is time to fire up your taste buds in the culinary adventure rich with flavour and heat. Step into the sizzle and smoke of Hong Kong's BBQ scene with our ultimate barbecue guide.

All imagery is courtesy of respective restaurants.

BBQ Sets

The Butchers Club: BBQ PACK

In April of 2013, The Butcher Club came into existence under the sizzling passion of a group of chefs and butchers. Its dedication to high-quality dry-aged beef sourced from specialised cattle reared to exacting standards in  New South Wales, Australia, and expertly dry-aged in Hong Kong. The Butchers Club's online store boasts the finest dry-aged selections and a premium BBQ pack designed to impress any home chef. The pack, serving 6-8 people, includes 2x The Ultimate Burger DIY Pack (total 8 burgers), 2x Baby back ribs marinated in The Butchers Club smoky BBQ sauce (total ~800g) and 2x Nuremberg Bratwurst (total ~360g), providing all the essentials for a memorable feast.

Address: G/F, Westlands Gardens, 12 Westlands Road, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 2388 9644 | Email: | Instagram: | Facebook: @ButchersClubGrille

Feather and Bone: Family BBQ Pack

Feather and Bone brings culinary craftsmanship to your doorstep with their Family BBQ pack, encapsulating the essence of premium butchery. Renowned for its superb, directly sourced Australian meats and expertly trained butchers, this Hong Kong favourite elevates your home cooking with top-quality, hormone-free cuts, as fresh and as fairly priced as possible. The Family BBQ pack includes a selection of grass-fed ribeyes, sirloins, tenderloins, lamb rack chops, and chipolata pork sausages, perfect for a gourmet family dining experience.

Address: Multiple Locations | Website: | Phone: +852 6313 0513 | Email: | Instagram: @feathernbonehk | Facebook: @feathernbonehk

Futago Hong Kong

Futago Hong Kong, born from the vision of twin brothers in the heart of Osaka's vibrant yakiniku culture, meaning barbeque in Japanese, presents its Prime Meat BBQ Set. Embodying the brand's innovative "FUTAGO style" of serving premium meats at affordable prices, this set for two features an exquisite selection including Wagyu Ribeye, Pork Loin, Beef Tongue, Outside Skirt, Rib Finger, and Pork Belly, promising an authentic Japanese BBQ experience at home.

Address: Multiple Locations | Website: | Phone: +852 2898 7707 | Email: | Instagram: @yakiniku.futago_cwb | Facebook:


Smoke and Barrel: 18 Hours Smoked Slicked Brisket

Smoke & Barrel, a key player in bringing Texan BBQ to Hong Kong, offers an indulgent 18-hours smoked Slicked Brisket through their Smoke & Deli platform. Part of a diverse range of cooked and raw meats, sauces, and more, this brisket epitomizes convenience and quality. As a beloved venture of Showmen Group, its meats represent the iconic old-school American BBQ. Its online store, Smoke & Deli, ensures a hassle-free, delicious BBQ experience with its ever-changing, seasonal selection of meats at great prices.

Address: 1/F-2/F, Wyndham Mansion, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 2866 2120 | Email: | Instagram: @smokeandbarrelhk @smokeanddelihk | Facebook: @smokeanddelihk

Smoke and Barrel: Smoked Spare Ribs

The Smoke & Deli is introducing an irresistible Smoked Spare Ribs cut,  a highlight of their in-house delicatessen. Perfect for those seeking flavour-packed meats, it encapsulates the essence of old-school BBQ craftsmanship, allowing you to savour expertly smoked meats in the comfort of your own space. The renowned BBQ dining establishment uses 'The Beast' – a wood-fired smoker imported from Missouri.

Address: 1/F-2/F, Wyndham Mansion, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 2866 2120 | Email: | Instagram: @smokeandbarrelhk @smokeanddelihk | Facebook: @smokeanddelihk

Biltong Chief: A-Grade Beef Fillet (1.4kg+)

Biltong Chief is an online butchery that boasts a mouth-watering selection of premium cuts sourced exclusively and delivered in temperature-controlled conditions within a week. Ideal for BBQs or grilling sessions, its top-selling A-Grade Beef Fillet is a culinary star. Lean, tender, and meltingly smooth, this Halaal-certified cut hails from South Africa, renowned for its healthy, low-cholesterol and low-fat beef. Bursting with succulent flavour, it's the perfect addition to any barbecue, especially when paired with a bottle of fine red wine.

Website: | Phone: +852 5696 9184 | Email: | Instagram: @biltongchief | Facebook: @biltongchief

Aussie Meat: Grain-fed Australian Black Angus beef Bavette/Flank WholeSlab

The quality of Aussie Meat is as luxurious as the marbling on its Grain-fed Australian Black Angus beef Bavette/Flank WholeSlab. Acclaimed for its delivery of Michelin Star-quality meats, seafood, and organic vegetables, Aussie Meat allows you to browse a meticulously selected collection sourced from top-quality producers in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. This top-quality beef, originating from Riverina in Southern NSW, is celebrated for its distinct marbling, rich flavour, and tenderness. The Black Angus cattle are carefully chosen and grain-fed for over 120 days with a nutritious mix of wheat, oats, and barley to naturally enhance the beef's marbling score to MB 2+. It is the centrepiece cut in any home barbecue.

Website: | Phone: +852 5588 5700 | Email: | Instagram: @aussiemeathk | Facebook: @aussiemeathk

Aussie Meat: New Zealand Premium Boneless Lamb Leg Roast

For those looking to wow your dining guests with a spectacular final presentation, scent and flavour, Aussie Meat's Premium Quality New Zealand Lamb offers unparalleled tenderness and juiciness. Being 100% grass-fed (AFFCO, Silver Fern) and free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Its boneless lamb leg roast transforms into an exquisite dish with a simple preparation of rosemary, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper, cooked to perfection at 235℃, ensuring a delicious and stunning barbecue experience.

Website: | Phone: +852 5588 5700 | Email: | Instagram: @aussiemeathk | Facebook: @aussiemeathk

MeatKing: Alaskan Wild-Catch Black Cod Fillet

Reigning the realm of fresh and quality meats, seafood and BBQ essentials, MeatKing delivers everything you need right to your kitchen. With a focus on freshness and premium quality, they serve a variety of needs, from daily dining to special events. Its Alaska Wild Catch Black Cod is a beautiful testament to the brand's value of sustainability and quality. Skin-on preparation locks in its natural sweet and fresh flavour, embracing a luxurious oceanic indulgence.

Website: | Phone: +852 6239 9959 | Email: | Instagram: | Facebook: @meatkingshk


Monsieur CHATTÉ: Homemade Foie Gras

Originating in 1949 near Paris, Monsieur CHATTÉ began as "Charcuterie Traiteur" from Leon and Suzanne Chatté to its venture in Hong Kong today. The French Gourmet Shops & Professional Caterer combines traditional French culinary artisanship and quality by using only the freshest ingredients without additives, preservatives, or artificial flavouring. Chef Léon's signature Duck Foie Gras, elected Best Foie Gras Recipe in Hong Kong (eat & Travel Weekly- 2008), is a CHATTE homemade recipe passed down 3 generations. Slow cooked from whole duck liver from South West of France with a secret Armagnac base marinade, the smooth and flavourful foie gras goes perfectly as a delightful feast side with fig bread and sweet wine.

Address: G/F, 91 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 3105 8077 | Email: | Instagram: @monsieur_chatte | Facebook: @monsieurchatte

Eat the Kiwi: Culley's Hot Sauce Bundle

A barbecue is not complete without some delicious heat to complement the smoked meats! The city's organic online grocery store Eat the Kiwi presents the famed Culley's Hot Sauce Bundle of 5 sought-after, award-winning sauces. From mild to breath-taking, literally, Culley has created a selection of exquisite fire drops: No. 1  Sweet ChiliCulley's classic Thai Sweet Chilli hot sauce; No. 2 Smokey Hickory for a smokey barbeque style; No. 4 Mexican Chipotle multi-award-winning sauce up to No. 9 Ghost ChilliOne. Season your experience with the heated and sensational flavours.

Website: | Phone: +852 3105 8077 | Email: | Instagram: @eatthekiwihk | Facebook: @eatthekiwi

Eat the Kiwi: J.Friend & Co. Honey Cheese Pairing Collection

Fancy up your home barbecue with a honey and cheese charcuterie collection. With New Zealand's Artisan Honey boutique, J.Friend & Co, you can design your own honey cheese pairing collection. It comes in 3 glistening honey jars of Kamahi, Vipers Bugloss, Wild Thyme honey, packed with tasting notes and expert cheese pairing recommendations. This is the ultimate package to elevate, and even add a playful note, to your indulging feast!

Website: | Phone: +852 3105 8077 | Email: | Instagram: @eatthekiwihk | Facebook: @eatthekiwi


The Bottle Shop: Flaming Pig Black Cask Irish Whisky

In 1875, Dublin witnessed the Great Whiskey Fire of 5000 whiskey barrels in Malone warehouse, where the legend has it that the squeal of a 'flaming pig' saved the city and its whiskey. This was the origin story of this drink, created over a century later by Joey and Flor. It is a balanced blend of single malt and grain whiskies that gives its rich, spicy, and smoky character from intense barrel charring. Maturing in these charred barrels for six months and then cut with spring water, Flaming Pig Irish Whiskey offers a smooth, bourbon-like drinkability with a distinctive Irish twist, featuring deep flavours of vanilla, spice, caramel, butterscotch, and a hint of smoke.

Website: | Phone: +852 2791 1600 | Email: | Instagram: @thebottleshopfriends | Facebook:

The Bottle Shop: Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin

Lighten up the smoky atmosphere with Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin- a contemporary take on the classic and beloved London dry gin. Crafted through the distillation of 12 botanicals sourced globally and locally across the wild Cornish coast, the taste is zesty lemon sherbet notes, complemented by crisp floral and pine notes to finish with a floral sweetness on the tongue.

Website: | Phone: +852 2791 1600 | Email: | Instagram: @thebottleshopfriends | Facebook:

The Bottle Shop: Garage Project Pernicious Weed Double IPA

It is always nice to pair a greasy meal with a bottle of beer, and it makes for a different experience with Garage Project's Pernicious Weed beer. The 1500s England saw the introduction of hops to the brewing scene, and since then, has luckily seen a gradual decline. Featuring an IPA of 8%, this beer is an homage to the original pernicious weed with the sweet and lively taste of grapefruit, when combined, makes for a refreshing aroma and bitter aftertaste to ease the feelings of a hefty meal.

Website: | Phone: +852 2791 1600 | Email: | Instagram: @thebottleshopfriends | Facebook:


The Bottle Shop: 8Wired Tall Poppy India Red Ale

8Wired Tall Poppy India Red Ale is a bold fusion of an American-style IPA and a rich traditional British Amber Ale. It stands out with its intense, fruity hoppiness and complex caramel maltiness. This 7% alc/vol red ale combines classic caramel malt flavours with an aromatic hop profile, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Ideal with charred red meat, it's a big, refreshing brew that dares to be different.

Website: | Phone: +852 2791 1600 | Email: | Instagram: @thebottleshopfriends | Facebook:

The Bottle Shop: Everyday Weekend Seltzer

New to Hong Kong, Everyday Weekend Seltzer is a low-calorie and sugar alcoholic refresher that is made for you to drink every day and every weekend. In just 109 calories, Everyday Weekend Seltzer comes in a tropical and pulpy Mango & Passionfruit Hard Seltzer, and a zesty and refreshing Lime & Soda Hard Seltzer. It is a softer alcoholic pairing in the hot smokes of barbecue under the sun while adding zero extra guilt to your BBQ diet.

Website: | Phone: +852 2791 1600 | Email: | Instagram: @thebottleshopfriends | Facebook:

Crushed Wines: Genevieve Méthode Cap Classique ZERO DOSAGE BLANC DE BLANC

Crushed Wines presents the Genevieve Méthode Cap Classique ZERO DOSAGE BLANC DE BLANC, a sparkling wine ideal for any occasion, even just a simple Tuesday night when you are feeling a little fancy, and certainly a BBQ feast with your loved ones. Self-taught winemaker Melissa Nelson only produces this with grapes ripened to perfection, making this wine a rare, limited delicacy. It tantalises the palate with notes of seafoam, brioche, and lime zest.

Address: Shop A, G/F, 6 - 8 Second Str, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong | Website: | Phone: +852 5597 8774 | Email: | Instagram: @crushedwines | Facebook: @crushedwines


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