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California Wine Month Presents: Arts x Wine Workshop & Giveaway


In celebration of California Wine Month kicking off this July, CSP Times has collaborated with California Wines Hong Kong to bring to you this exciting and unique workshop on Saturday 1st July that fuses together two of our favourite activities: Wine Tasting and Scented Candles + Clay Glass Jars!
From 11am-1pm on the 22nd floor with soaring, unobstructed views over Hong Kong Island's cityscape in Tin Hau's Park Aura building, this captivating workshop is the perfect opportunity for creatives and wine aficionados to congregate, create and taste. In addition, we are going to treat our dedicated readers to a complimentary bottle of wine from California Wines to those who book this workshop - an exclusive giveaway reserved for CSP Times because we know just how perfect this stimulating experience would be for our specific readership - that's right, we're talking about you guys! This workshop promises to be an exceptional experience with up to 15 lush wine references from California Wines to sample and savour as well as a charcuterie and cheese platter selection to accompany your reds and whites. Kick off July by sipping, nibbling and crafting to your heart's content

Venue: Chef Republic

This creative workshop will be divided into two parts:

1. Miniature Dining Table Scented Jelly Candles

In this workshop, participants will discover the use of different miniature ingredients and auxiliary tools to create an imaginary dining and drinking table. The instructor will also introduce how to mix colours and perfumery of jelly candles. Students can develop concentration, creativity and observation skills by making model works similar to real objects.

2. Macaron Tower’s Clay Glass Jar

In the second part of the workshop, you will discover the use of the characteristics of various materials and tools, using clay to make a very cute macaron tower, and students can also make colours according to their favourite taste. The workshop will be accompanied by a tasting of different California wines, celebrating the month of this beautiful wine region in Hong Kong!

More on California Wine Month

Our highly anticipated California Wine Month will return this summer for its fifth edition, with numerous highlights to look forward to. Once again, the California Wine Institute (CWI) is partnering with key industry leaders in Hong Kong, including media, retailers, restaurants, importers, and more, to celebrate California’s ‘Golden State of Mind’ with wine lovers and enthusiasts.

In California, we believe in opportunities, in fresh starts, and we believe we can make a difference. Whether being the forerunner in the latest innovative winemaking techniques or an advocate of sustainability, we are always ready to try and start something new. California is a State of immigrants and dreamers, a state of innovation and creativity, where many of the cultural and technological developments of the last half century originate. The California Dream is embodied in technology (Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla), the arts (Hollywood and the Movies), innovation (Levi’s, UBER) and yes, the California culture of wine which is innovative, creative, and original and blessed with the perfect conditions to produce some of the best wines in the world.

Art Ateliers de Little Masterhand

Art Ateliers de La Little Masterhand is a local creative gallery that has been operating for more than a decade now. The company is dedicated to promoting and developing creativity across various art forms, and as such, offers an extensive range of professional drawing and handicraft classes.

Throughout the years, The Little Master Hand has collaborated with several renowned organisations to co-organize numerous creative activities. Some of these partnerships include working with Hysan, Lee Garden Mall art activities, and St. James’ Settlement to provide large-scale school interior design courses.

Art Ateliers de La Little Masterhand has achieved significant international recognition for its contribution to the art world. The Atelier has received numerous awards in many renowned international art competitions.

Overall, Art Ateliers de La Little Masterhand has made a great impact in the art community by providing a platform for creativity and promoting diversity in creative arts. The gallery's commitment to nurturing and developing talent has yielded several awards and accolades, making it a recognised and respected player in the art scene.

To claim your complimentary bottle of wine: After purchasing your ticket online through Eventbrite for the workshop, please send an e-mail to mentioning CSP FRIEND with your full name. You will be able to collect it on the day of the workshop


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